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Grooving: The Single Largest Driver of Misinformation

Behavioral Grooves Feature

[NOTE: This episode was originally published under our sister-podcast, Weekly Grooves. In our effort to share relevant behavioral science information, we are republishing it…


Vote Now (for Behavioral Grooves)

Behavioral Grooves Feature

The presidential election is going full tilt in the United States and we want to emphasize the importance of acting on your constitutional rights…


Play, Reciprocity and Context: The Keys to Happy Communities with Jessica Mayhew

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Jessica Mayhew, PhD teaches Biological Anthropology as well as Primate Culture & Cognition at Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington. She got our attention…


Kwame Christian: On Compassionate Curiosity, Social Justice Conversations, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Kwame Christian, Esq. is the author of “Nobody Will Play With Me: How to Use Compassionate Curiosity to Find Confidence in Conflict.” He is…


Matt Johnson & Prince Ghuman on Mid-Liminal Marketing and the Ethics of Applied Neuroscience

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Matt Johnson, PhD and Prince Ghuman are the authors of “Blindsight: the mostly hidden ways marketing shapes our brains.” We caught up with them…


Annie Duke on How to Decide

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Annie Duke first guested on Behavioral Grooves on Episode 31, which was released on September 30, 2018. For some reason, the three of us…


Andy Luttrell: Pro’s and Con’s of Persuasion When Issues are Moralized

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Andy Luttrell, PhD is an assistant professor of psychological science at Ball State University and the podcaster/host of Opinion Science, one of Kurt and…


Secrets to a Successful Marriage with Eli Finkel

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Eli Finkel, PhD is a social psychology professor who studies interpersonal attraction, marriage, and how our social relationships influence our goal achievement. He is…


Grooving: Colleges and the Coronavirus

Behavioral Grooves Feature

[NOTE: You may or may not know that Kurt and Tim host a sibling podcast called Weekly Grooves. We thought this was such an…


How to Talk to Your Friends About Their Conspiracy Theories with Eric Oliver

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Eric Oliver, PhD is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Chicago. Although the majority of his work is squarely in the…


Self Control, Belonging, and Why Your Most Dedicated Employees Are the Ones To Watch Out For with Roy Baumeister

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Roy Baumeister, PhD is a world-renowned researcher known for his work on the subjects of willpower, self-control, and self-esteem and how they relate to…


Seven Questions to Assess the Psychological Safety of Your Teams with Susan Hunt Stevens

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Susan Hunt Stevens is the Founder and CEO of WeSpire, a technology platform that helps achieve the company’s goals through better employee engagement. WeSpire…


Eugen Dimant, PhD: What To Do About Bad Apples

Behavioral Grooves Feature

[NOTE: Republished in its entirety from original episode #104 on December 15, 2019.] Eugen Dimant, PhD is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Master of…


The Stages of Grief, Pandemics and the Psychology of Protests with Nicole Fisher

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Nicole Fisher, DrPH is the president of Health and Human Rights Strategies and is a regular contributor to Forbes magazine on social justice issues….


How Babies’ Faces on Shop Doors Can Reduce Crime: With Tara Austin

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Tara Austin is a strategist and was recently the Chief Strategy Officer for Kindred in London. Many of us know her for her public…


Elspeth Kirkman: Best Models for Identifying a Problem

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Elspeth Kirkman is responsible for BIT’s work on health, education, and local government. Prior to this role, she oversaw the establishment and growth of…


Shlomi Ron: Visual Storying Telling In a Time of Crisis

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Shlomi Ron is the CEO of the Visual Storytelling Institute. He co-founded the institute after 20 years of digital marketing with some of the…


Steve Wendel, PhD: Designing for Behavior Change

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Stephen Wendel, PhD is an applied behavioral scientist who studies how digital products can help people take action more effectively. He currently serves as…


Robert Cialdini, PhD: Littering, Egoism and Aretha Franklin

Behavioral Grooves Feature

[NOTE: This episode is republished from #50 in January 2019.] Robert Cialdini, PhD is counted among the greatest psychological researchers alive today and his published…


Grooving: On the Principle of Scarcity

Behavioral Grooves Feature

[NOTE: This episode is republished from #74 in June 2019.] This episode is a discussion on the principle of scarcity. Kurt and Tim attempt…


Katy Milkman, PhD: Using Behavior Change for Good

Behavioral Grooves Feature

[NOTE: This is a republished episode from #99 in November 2019.] Katy Milkman is no ordinary behavioral scientist. She’s a Professor of Operations, Information…


Grooving: On Goals and Goal Setting

Behavioral Grooves Feature

[NOTE: This episode is republished from #92 in October 2019.] Goals are often misunderstood. Goals are much more than just objectives that are handed…


Covid-19 Crisis: Caroline Webb, Senior Advisor at McKinsey, on The Value of Where We Place Our Attention and Amplifying Certainty

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Caroline Webb, a Senior Advisor at McKinsey, is an executive coach, author, and speaker specializing in insights from behavioral science to improve our lives…


Covid-19 Crisis: Margaret Robinson Rutherford, PhD on Perfectly Hidden Depression

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Margaret Robinson Rutherford, PhD, is a clinical psychologist in private practice with more than twenty-five years of experience treating individuals and couples for depression,…


Grooving: Where Will You Live if You WFH?

Behavioral Grooves Feature

We saw an article in the Wall Street Journal titled “When Workers Can Live Anywhere, Many Ask: Why Do I Live Here?” and it…


Covid-19 Crisis: Elizabeth Gilbert, PhD on Adaptability, Imaginal Exposure and Lists

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Elizabeth Gilbert, PhD is the Head of Research at PsychologyCompass, a content platform that uses insights from psychology and neuroscience to teach people how…


John Bargh: Dante, Coffee and the Unconscious Mind

Behavioral Grooves Feature

John Bargh, PhD is a Professor of Psychology and Management at Yale University. His name may be familiar because of the replication crisis, but…


Covid-19 Crisis: Howard Friedman, PhD on The Value of Human Life

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Howard Friedman is a data scientist, health economist, and writer with decades of experience in both the private and public sectors, as well as…


Grooving: Protests Sparked by the Death of George Floyd in Minneapolis

Behavioral Grooves Feature

On May 25, 2020, a white Minneapolis police officer killed George Floyd, an unarmed black man, by holding him down with a knee on…


Covid-19 Crisis: Chris Pfeiffer on Tips for Adjusting Sales Comp Plans

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Chris Pfeiffer is a Senior Business Analyst at Tegra Analytics. Chris specializes in salesforce effectiveness in the life science industry, which includes incentive compensation,…


Dan Hill, PhD: On the Facial Coding of Trump, Hendrix, Prince, Gretzky and the Beatles

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Dan Hill, PhD is an internationally recognized expert on the role of emotions in politics, business, sports, and popular culture. He pioneered the use…


Covid-19 Crisis: Claire Bidwell Smith on Grief During the Crisis

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Claire Bidwell Smith is a licensed therapist specializing in grief and the author of three books of nonfiction, most recently ANXIETY: The Missing Stage…


Covid-19 Crisis: Kristen Berman on Remote Work, Quaranteams and Marinades

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Kristen Berman is the co-founder of Irrational Labs and co-founder and principal at Common Cents Lab,  a non-profit behavioral consulting company, with Dan Ariely….


Covid-19 Crisis: Stephen Curtis on Neuroplasticity and Creating the Ideal

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Stephen Curtis, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist with a doctorate in Neuroscience Experimental Psychology. He specializes in Performance Psychology with professional and college athletes,…


Gary Latham, PhD: Goal Setting, Prompts, Priming, and Skepticism

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Gary Latham, PhD is the Secretary of State Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the Rotman School of Management in the University of Toronto. His…


Covid-19 Crisis: Mariel Beasley on Increasing Short Term Savings During the Crisis

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Mariel Beasley is the Co-Director of the Common Cents Lab at the Center for Advanced Hindsight at Duke University. She works on applications of…


Samuel Salzer: Benefits and Perils of Streaks

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Samuel Salzer is a leading behavioral strategist and habit expert, having worked with organizations across Europe, Australia, and North America. Among other things, he’s…


Covid-19 Crisis: Kaveh Yazdifard on Uniting Innovators from Tehran

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Kaveh Yazdifard is the Chief Innovation Officer at Sahab Pardaz located in Tehran, Iran. He is also the Director of Urban Innovation for the…


Covid-19 Crisis: Gretchen Chapman, PhD on The Psychology of Vaccinations

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Gretchen Chapman, PhD researches how we make decisions about vaccines. She is a Professor in the Social & Decision Sciences department at Carnegie Mellon…


Covid-19 Crisis: Jules Nolan on The Kids are Alright – Insights on Coping Through the Crisis

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Jules Nolan, PhD is a psychologist, speaker, and author. She is the president of the Minnesota School Psychology Association and chairwoman for the Human…


Thanks For No Memories During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Our inspiration this week comes from an article written by Shayla Love for Vice titled, “You’ll probably forget what it was like to live…


Covid-19 Crisis: Greg Davies, PhD on the Fetish of Optimization

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Greg Davies, PhD is a specialist in applied behavioral finance, decision science, impact investing, and financial wellbeing. He founded the banking world’s first behavioral…


Iris Tzafrir: A Kind Word

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Iris Tzafrir is an inspirational and influential cross-functional leader in strategy and business development, deal-making, value actualization, and merger integration. She grew up in…


Covid-19 Crisis: Anurag Vaish on Risk is a Feeling, Not a Number

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Anurag Vaish is the co-founder and director of The FinalMile in Mumbai, India. In building the company’s practice of Behavior Architecture, Anurag led the…


Artem Petakov: Our Biggest Competitor is the Couch

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Artem Petakov is a co-Founder of Noom, a behavioral change and weight loss product that marries both psychology and AI to help people form…


Covid-19 Crisis: Michael Boden on How Field Sales Reps Are Adapting to the Crisis

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Michael Boden is the Head of U.S. Crop Protection Sales at Syngenta, a global agrochemicals and seeds firm based in Basel, Switzerland. He joined…


Covid-19 Crisis: Alessandro del Ponte on Moral Dilemmas with Economic Consequences

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Alessandro del Ponte is a research fellow at the National University of Singapore working in the Behavioral Change program at the Global Asia Institute….


Stuart King: On the “What The Hell” Effect

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Stuart King designs evidence-based interventions for children and adults to change their behavior and manage their weight. He has worked with the UK’s NHS…


Covid-19 Crisis: Cristina Bicchieri – Messaging Rules For Improving Social Behavior

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Cristina Bicchieri, PhD is the S. J. Patterson Harvie Professor of Social Thought and Comparative Ethics, a Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at the University…


Grooving: The Impact of Temporal Discounting

Behavioral Grooves Feature

In this grooving episode, Kurt and Tim discuss Temporal Discounting and it’s closely related cousins. Temporal discounting is where we tend to value events…


Covid-19 Crisis: Aline Holzwarth on Our Behavioral Immune System

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Aline Holzwarth is the head of Behavioral Science at Pattern Health in Durham, North Carolina and a writer who supplies work to Behavioral Scientist…


Covid-19 Crisis: Brad Shuck, PhD on Pausing, Building Capacity and “Not Business as Usual”

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Brad Shuck, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership, Evaluation and Organizational Development at the University of Louisville. He is…


Covid-19 Crisis: Eugen Dimant, PhD on the Roles of Social Norms and Good Science

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Eugen Dimant, PhD is an Associate Professor of Practice in Behavioral and Decision Sciences, which is part of the new Center for Social Norms…


Covid-19 Crisis: Wendy Wood, PhD on Habits, Productivity and Being Gentle with Yourself

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Wendy Wood, PhD is a social psychologist whose research addresses the ways that habits guide behavior. She researches and teaches at USC both in…


Deborah Small, PhD: Processing Probabilistic Events and Making Donations

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Deborah Small, PhD is a professor of marketing in the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research crosses the intersections of psychology…


Covid-19 Crisis: Rodd Wagner on The Zen of Staying Safe

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Rodd Wagner is a Forbes columnist and bestselling author of books on leadership, employee engagement and collaboration. Rodd’s books have been published in 10…


Covid-19 Crisis: Annie Duke on Hedging and the Last Disaster Syndrome

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Annie Duke is an author, corporate speaker, and consultant in the decision-making space. Her most recent book, Thinking in Bets: Making Smarter Decisions When…


Covid-19 Crisis: Ali Fenwick, PhD on Leveraging the Crisis for Good

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Ali Fenwick, PhD is a Professor of Organizational Behavior at Hult International Business School in London and Dubai. He specializes in applying behavioural traits…


Covid-19 Crisis: James Brewer on Changing His Mind

Behavioral Grooves Feature

James Brewer is the Director of Marketing Platforms and Global Customer Operations for Eli Lilly and Company.  Over the years, Kurt and Tim have…


Covid-19 Crisis: Don’t Outsource Your Critical Thinking with Christian Hunt

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Christian Hunt is the founder of Human Risk, a Behavioral Science consulting and training firm specializing in risk, compliance, conduct & culture. Previously, Christian…


Covid-19 Crisis: Barry Ritholtz on Keeping Perspective

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Barry Ritholtz is the CIO of Ritholtz Wealth Management and the host of the Bloomberg podcast Masters in Business, where he talks almost as…


Covid-19 Crisis: Emotional Impact of WFH with Liz Fosslien

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Liz Fosslien was our guest on Episode 56 and we asked her back to kick off our series on the behavioral aspects of how…


Managing Coronavirus – An Introduction to Weekly Grooves

Behavioral Grooves Feature

This is an episode originally produced for Weekly Grooves. We hope you enjoy! Coronavirus and the disease it’s created – Covid-19 – is alive…


Chiara Varazzani: Behavioral Science Needs More Neuroscience

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Chiara Varazzani, PhD is the Principal Advisor at the Behavioral Insights Unit in the Victorian Government’s Department of Premier and Cabinet in Australia. Chiara…


John Fuisz: Tracking Emotional Vectors

Behavioral Grooves Feature

John Fuisz is co-founder of Veriphix and a marketer who believes in building great brands. He does so with a sophisticated system that, on…


Andrew Wagner: The Economics Inside Online Games

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Author and economist Andrew Wagner’s new book, The Economics of Online Gaming, shares how economic decisions get made by players of online games. We…


Ethical Application of Behavioral Science in the Workplace

Behavioral Grooves Feature

In this special edition, bestselling author and Forbes contributor, Rodd Wagner, organized a question-and-answer session with Kurt and Tim in front of a live audience to…


Adam Hansen: Beyond Innovation

Behavioral Grooves Feature

As a new product and innovation professional, Adam Hansen has always believed in the power of possibility – accepting new approaches, questioning conventional wisdom,…


Caroline Webb: Still Having a Great Day

Behavioral Grooves Feature

For this episode, we’re republishing a terrific conversation we had with economist and author, Caroline Webb, PhD (in episode 33). We loved her book, How…


Grooving: The Behavioral Diagnosis

Behavioral Grooves Feature

In this grooving session, Kurt and Tim share how to conduct a behavioral diagnosis. A behavioral diagnosis is a tool we use to uncover…


Announcing Weekly Grooves

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Kurt and Tim are producing a new podcast called Weekly Grooves, launching January 31, 2020. Weekly Grooves is the weekly podcast that offers insights…


Steve Martin and Joe Marks: The Messenger is the Message

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Stephen Martin and Joe Marks, PhD dive deep into one of the most important eye-openers about communication in our world today: the importance of…


Melina Palmer: Using Behavioral Economics to Help Businesses

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Melina Palmer is the host of The Brainy Business podcast and she has dedicated her career to seeking answers to these questions for herself…


Grooving on Our Favorite Podcast Episodes of 2019

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Too often, in our estimation, people make recommendations to us with the intent to improve our life but the effect on us is the…


Rory Sutherland: The Opposite of a Good Idea is a Good Idea

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Rory Sutherland is a British advertising executive who became fascinated with behavioral science. Between his TED talks, books and articles, he has become one…


Jana Gallus: The Role of Precision in Incentives

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Jana Gallus, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Behavioral Decision Making at UCLA’s Anderson School of Business and our discussion dissected the…


Reuben Kline: When Too Many Choices Might Be Just Right

Behavioral Grooves Feature

The research that Reuben Kline, PhD is working on is focused on climate change mitigation. As an associate professor of political science and the…


Eugen Dimant: What to Do About Bad Apples

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Eugen Dimant, PhD is a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences Department and a Senior Research Fellow at the Identity…


Grooving: Kiki and Bouba Minds

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Imagine that these two drawings are called Kiki and Bouba in some alien language.  If you had to guess which one was Kiki and…


Cristina Bicchieri: Social Norms are Bundles of Expectations

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Cristina Bicchieri, PhD is the S. J. Patterson Harvie Professor of Social Thought and Comparative Ethics, a Professor of Philosophy and Psychology at the…


Grooving: 2019 Reading List

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Kurt and Tim like to read about behavioral science and a variety of related fields. To help those interested in the subject, but unsure…


The 100th Episode Celebration in Philadelphia

Behavioral Grooves Feature

This is Behavioral Grooves’ 100th episode! Who would have thought when we started out two years ago without a clue about HOW to produce…


Katy Milkman: Behavior Change for Good

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Katy Milkman is no ordinary behavioral scientist. She’s a Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions at Wharton and has a secondary faculty appointment in…


Chris Nave: Educating BeSci Practitioners at UPenn

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Chris Nave, PhD is the Associate Director of the Master of Behavioral and Decision Sciences Program at the University of Pennsylvania. We caught up…


Chris Brown: Avalanches and System 1 Thinking

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Chris Brown is in human risk management and practice is set in backcountry snow. He grew up outside of Philadelphia and after graduating with…


Zarak Khan and Erik Johnson: Action Design Network and Beyond

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Sometimes things just go better in twos and that was the case regarding our guests for this episode. Zarak Kahn is the Behavioral Innovation…


Victoria Shaffer: End of Life Decision Tools

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Victoria Shaffer is a researcher and professor at the University of Missouri. Victoria focuses on applying decision psychology and behavioral economics to medical decision…


Grooving: UPenn Norms and Behavioral Change Workshop

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Kurt and Tim were invited to attend the Norms and Behavioral Change (NoBeC) workshop at the University of Pennsylvania on October 17 and 18,…


Paul Hebert: 7 Deadly Incentive Sins

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Paul Hebert knows incentives. He is the Vice President of Individual Performance Strategy at Creative Group, Inc. and a writer, speaker and consultant and…


Grooving: On Goals

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Goals are often misunderstood. Goals are much more than just objectives that are handed down to subordinates. Rather, goals are self-determined in the best…


Brad Shuck: Being Ignored is Worse Than Having a Stapler Thrown at You

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Brad Shuck, PhD is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership, Evaluation, and Organizational Development at the University of Louisville.  He is…


Jim Guszcza: Data Science AND Behavioral Science, New Wine in a New Bottle

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Jim Guszcza is the chief data scientist at Deloitte Analytics. His title paints a picture that he’s a total numbers geek. And that would…


Gina Merchant: Combating Misinformation

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Gina Merchant, PhD is a behavioral scientist who wound her way through academia and into the corporate world for the purpose of improving the…


Annie Duke: Revisiting the Matrix

Behavioral Grooves Feature

We are re-sharing our original September 2018 discussion with Annie Duke to announce the Behavioral Grooves 100th Episode on the evening of October 17,…


Announcements: Minneapolis and Philadelphia Events

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Groovers, a couple of announcements for you: 1. Kurt and I are hosting a meetup immediately after Customer Focus North in Minneapolis on September 19,…


Christian Hunt: Mitigating Human Risk and The Algorithmic Mind

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Christian Hunt is the founder of Human Risk, a Behavioral Science Consulting and Training firm specializing in the fields of Risk, Compliance, Conduct &…


Brian Ahearn: Influencing People Ethically

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Brian Ahearn is Behavioral Grooves’ first repeat guest. (He was first featured in Episode 39: The Heart of Reciprocity.) We recently reconnected with him…


Alex Blau: The Implementation-Intention Framework

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Alex Blau is a vice president at ideas42 with projects in consumer finance, design and decision-making, and international development. In our discussion, we focused on…


Steven Sisler: Seeing People as We Are

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Steven Sisler may not be a household name, but he should be. Steve is a Master Level Behavioral Profiler and the lead Behavioral Analyst…


Chris Matyszczyk: Listening to Music While You Work

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Our guest in this episode is a prolific writer and observer of the human condition, Chris Matyszczyk (pronounced ma-TIS-chick). We talked with Chris about…


Scott Jeffrey: On Justifiability

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Because we’re taking a little break, we are republishing one of our favorite episodes: a conversation with Scott Jeffrey, PhD from Monmouth University in…


Grooving: On Behavioral Songs

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Kurt and Tim groove on where behavioral science shows up in popular music. Social norms, loss aversion…all at its best. The human condition is…


Grooving on Cognitive Dissonance

Behavioral Grooves Feature

We met up with Kathleen Vohs, PhD at our Behavioral Grooves Meetup in Minneapolis on the evening that her op-ed article appeared in the…


Matt Loper: Helping Patients Adhere to Medication Plans

Behavioral Grooves Feature

In this episode, we spoke with Matt Loper, CEO and Co-Founder of Wellth, an app that helps people with chronic conditions improve their health…


Grooving: On Liking

Behavioral Grooves Feature

In this episode, Kurt and Tim explore Robert Cialdini’s Fifth Principles of Influence: Liking. In it, we groove on the very powerful tool for…


Nurit Nobel: De-Biasing the Recruiting Process

Behavioral Grooves Feature

In this episode, we spoke with Nurit Nobel, who is living in Stockholm, Sweden where she’s working on her PhD. Nurit is a co-founder…


Jonathan Mann: Integrating Behavioral Science into User Experience

Behavioral Grooves Feature

The role of the User Experience (UX) designer is growing in corporations around the world. UX Designers have a great deal of influence over…


Grooving: On Scarcity

Behavioral Grooves Feature

This episode is a discussion on the principle of scarcity. Kurt and Tim illuminate the power of this very fundamental effect in behavioral science…


Terry Esau: Carbon Fiber Therapist

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Terry Esau is the founder of Free Bikes 4 Kids, a non-profit based in Minneapolis that collects and distributes tens of thousands of bikes…


Roger Dooley: Friction and Engagement

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Roger Dooley is the author of Friction, his newest book that summarizes great examples of companies do good things to reduce friction for customers…


Alex Imas: Clawback Incentives and Tom Waits

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Alex Imas is an assistant professor of economics in the Social & Decision Sciences department at Carnegie Mellon’s Dietrich College. His research dovetails perfectly…


Grooving: The Uber Science Symposium

Behavioral Grooves Feature

On May 3, 2019, Kurt and Tim attended an invitation-only Science Symposium featuring a track on behavioral science at the San Francisco headquarters of…


Russell Golman: On Information Avoidance

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Russell Golman is an Assistant Professor of Behavioral Economics and Decision Sciences in the Social & Decision Sciences Department at CMU.  His pioneering, interdisciplinary…


Julie Downs: From Sexual Health to the Sahel

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Julie Downs, PhD is an associate professor of psychology in the Social and Decision Sciences department at Carnegie Mellon’s Dietrich College and fits perfectly…


George Loewenstein: On a Functional Theory of Boredom

Behavioral Grooves Feature

George Loewenstein, PhD is the Herbert A. Simon Professor of Economics and Psychology in the Social and Decision Sciences Department in the Dietrich College…


Silvia Saccardo: Ethics of Decisions and Italian Rap

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Silvia Saccardo, PhD is an Assistant Professor of Management in the Social and Decision Sciences department in the Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences…


Grooving: Listeners, can you help us?

Behavioral Grooves Feature

At this writing, we’ve recorded and published 64 episodes of Behavioral Grooves and we’d like to make sure we’re on the right course for…


Danny Oppenheimer: Governance and Helicopter Parenting

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Daniel Oppenheimer, PhD, known to all as “Danny,” is a professor of psychology in the Social and Decision Sciences department in the Dietrich College…


Jeff Galak: High Heels and Hedonic Decline

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Jeff Galak, PhD is a professor at the Social and Decision Sciences department in the Dietrich College of Humanities & Social Sciences at Carnegie…


Linda Babcock: Helping Women Build Better Careers at Carnegie Mellon

Behavioral Grooves Feature

This is the first in a series featuring researchers from Carnegie Mellon University’s Social and Decision Sciences (SDS) department in the Dietrich College of…


Amit Sood: The Ultimate Happiness Doctor

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Looking for a simple 5-step plan to be happier? Our guest has one. Amit Sood, PhD is an author and physician at the world-renowned…


Francesca Gino: Curiosity and Rebellion Makes Your Career

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Imagine a company where 100% of the employees are rebels – would it be chaotic or wonderful? Our guest from the Harvard Business School,…


Jeanie Whinghter and Afra Ahmad: Balance vs. Harmony

Behavioral Grooves Feature

In this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with two guests: Jeanie Whinghter, PhD and Afra Ahmad, PhD. Jeanie is the Chair of…


Michael Kaplan: Seeking Naysayers

Behavioral Grooves Feature

Michael Kaplan is a private equity and angel investor who was part owner and president of the wildly successful carpet cleaning franchise called Zerorez….


Grooving on Reciprocity

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This is the second episode in a series on the 6 Principles of Persuasion as identified by Robert Cialdini, PhD, in his 1984 book,…


Liz Fosslien: The Smile File

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Liz Fosslien is the co-author and illustrator of No Hard Feelings: The secret power of embracing emotions at work.  The book is a wickedly…


Luke Battye: The Peak-End Effect and Fast Food

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Luke Battye is a product/service consultant with a background in Experimental Psychology and innovation. Luke founded a behavioral design consultancy, called Sprint Valley in…


Saurabh Bhargava: A More Serene Path to Financial Wellbeing

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Saurabh Bhargava, PhD is a professor and researcher at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and he joined us in the Behavioral Grooves studio during…


John Sweeney: Everything Is a Story

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John Sweeney is the author of Innovation at the Speed of Laughter: 8 Secrets to World Class Idea Generation, corporate keynote speaker, improvisational impresario,…


Rodd Wagner: This Episode Could Save Your Life

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The safety insights from our guest could save your life! Rodd Wagner is The New York Times bestselling author of the book “Widgets: The 12…


Thomas Steenburgh: How to Sell New Products

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Thomas Steenburgh, PhD is a senior professor of Business Administration and Senior Associate Dean at the Darden School of Business at the University of…


Robert Cialdini, PhD: Littering, Egoism and Aretha Franklin

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Robert Cialdini, PhD is counted among the greatest psychological researchers alive today and his published works have been cited thousands of times. His New…


Grooving: Political Stalemates – Insights on Consistency

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This episode is first in a series called Exploring the Principles of Influence, named for Robert Cialdini, PhD’s principles in his 1984 book, Influence….


Ori Brafman: On Starfish, Burning Man and Efficient Markets

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In this episode, we had a discussion with Ori Brafman about decentralization and how our brains respond to cash and cocaine. Ori is a…


Barry Ritholtz: How to Reduce Evolutionary Panic

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In this special edition, we sat down with Barry Ritholtz, a Wall Street investment maven, host of the podcast Masters In Business, a regular…


Grooving on Too Much Stuff

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After the gift-giving holidays – Hanukkah and Christmas – homes and apartments are bursting at the seams with more stuff.  Knick-knacks, novelties, gewgaws, tchotchkes,…


Grooving: Top 10 Podcasts of 2018

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During 2018, Behavioral Grooves published 44 episodes and expanded our viewers into more than 90 countries. To celebrate our successful first year, Kurt and…


Sam Tatam: Smelling the Brand

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Sam Tatam is the behavioral strategy director at Ogilvy in London. Sam helps his clients develop new ways to manage behavioral issues they have…


Will Leach: Marketing to Mindstates

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Will Leach is a marketer, econometrician and author whose recent book, Marketing to Mindstates, captured our attention before it was even published. His clever,…


Grooving on: New Year’s Resolutions

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Every year, millions of people make resolutions at the start of the new year and researchers indicate that 91% of those resolutions are sunk…


Michael Hallsworth: From MINDSPACE to EAST

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In this episode, we spoke with Dr. Michael Hallsworth PhD, the Managing Director of the North American Behavioral Insights Team. We met up with…


Re-Grooving on Annie Duke

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This is a special Re-Grooving session for your speedy listening enjoyment. In this re-grooving episode, we are re-sharing the Grooving Session (only the Grooving…


Brian Ahearn: The Heart of Reciprocity

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Brian Ahearn is the Chief Influence Officer at Influence People, LLC, and one of only 20 Cialdini Method Certified Trainers in the world. Brian’s…


Linnea Gandhi: Crushing on Statistics

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University of Chicago MBA professor Linnea Gandhi talked with Kurt and Tim recently about her consulting work, her passion for statistics, grading papers and…


Grooving on Civil Discourse at the Thanksgiving Table

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Political discussions in many places around the world have become more contentious than at any time in our recent history. It seems almost impossible…


David Yokum: Science is Hard

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David Yokum may not be a household name but that shouldn’t stop you from listening. If you’ve ever wondered about police officer body cameras…


Grooving on Waiting: Why we don’t like to be idle

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While Kurt and Tim were waiting for a podcast interviewee to log in recently, we decided to discuss the behavioral and psychological aspects of waiting….


Koen Smets: The Altered Chord

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Koen Smets is not a household name, but it ought to be. Pronounced KEWN, our guest in this episode is Belgian by birth and…


Caroline Webb: Having a Good Day

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Caroline Webb is an overachiever. Oxford, Cambridge, Levy Economics Institute, McKinsey & Associates, Carnegie Hall performer, Davos World Economic Forum speaker. It’s an inspiring…


Grooving on Books: Our Top 10 Recommended books on Behavioral Science

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In this grooving session, Kurt and Tim discuss books that they believe every behavioral science nerd should (yes: should) read. Kurt was limited to 5…


Leaving the Matrix: Annie Duke and Insights into how you can improve your thinking!

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 Annie Duke’s latest book, Thinking in Bets, Making Smarter Decisions When You Don’t Have All the Facts, is a masterful mash-up of her life…


Education: The Path to a More Prosperous Life with Sarita Parikh

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Sarita Parikh is the Senior Director of Consumer Experience and Strategy at GED Testing Service, a business that helps adults use education as a…


Beyond a Framework featuring Bri Williams

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Bri Williams is an Australian pioneer in the application of behavioral sciences. She was an early follower of Dan Ariely, BJ Fogg and Richard…


Grooving on Priming: How Your Socks Influence Your Behavior

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Priming is a technique whereby exposure to one stimulus influences a response to a subsequent stimulus without conscious guidance or intention. In other words,…


Grooving on Goals: The Magic of Goals

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Goals are as common and as misunderstood as mobile phones. We think we know how to use them, but we don’t get it right…


Ruchir Sehra on The Behavioral Effects of Sleep

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Ruchir Sehra is an entrepreneur, cardio physiologist, MBA and a curious and caring human being. Our interview with Ruchir was set in the discussion…


Facial Muscles Speak Louder Than Words with author Dan Hill

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Dan Hill, PhD, researcher, author and founder of Sensory Logic, shares his wit, wisdom and insights into behavioral sciences in our interview. Dan’s work is in…


April Seifert on Digital Exhaust Analysis and Gender Stereotyping

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April Seifert, PhD considers herself a multi-passionate person. In this episode, our conversation with her covered skydiving, motherhood, data nerdery, implicit bias assessments, gender…


Grooving on Self Identity

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In this episode on the mysterious world of self-identity and self-schema, we offer 4 tips on how you make the most of your self-identity….


Grooving on Cash vs. Non-Cash

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Kurt and Tim have experience in designing and implementing rewards programs for sales reps, channel partners and loyal customers as well as corporate recognition programs. In…


Grooving on Applying Behavioral Sciences at Your Office

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Kurt and Tim have decades of experience applying BS (behavioral sciences) in corporate environments (and non-profits) and this episode walks through some tips that…


The Teaspoon Hustle – Part 2 with Rob Burnet

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This podcast is Part 2 of a 2-part podcast. Our interview with Rob Burnet, founder of Well Told Story in Nairobi, Kenya went so well and so long that…


The Teaspoon Hustle – Part 1 with Rob Burnet

Behavioral Grooves Feature

This podcast is Part 1 of a 2-part podcast. Our interview with Rob Burnet, founder of Well Told Story in Nairobi, Kenya went so well…


Stars – Cores – Laggards – Better Incentives for Your Sales Reps featuring Dr. Michael Ahearne

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In this episode, we spoke with Michael Ahearne PhD, a professor and researcher at the University of Houston. Mike is an expert in sales…


The Accidental Behavioral Scientist with David Hussman

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From being a recording engineer at Prince’s Paisley Park studios, to playing with the big-hair metal band Slave Raider to founding a successful Agile…


Nudge-A-Thon with Dr. Christina Gravert

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Dr. Christina Gravert is a Post-Doc at the University of Gothenburg and Chief Behavioral Economist of Impactfully, a behavioral science consultancy. We talked to…


A New Leadership Model with Bain & Company’s Mark Horwitch

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In this episode, we spoke to Mark Horwitch, Partner for Co-Creation ~ Flexibility ~ Openness ~ Vision at Bain & Company about his remarkable new…


Grooving with Kurt & Tim – The 4 Drive Model

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When Kurt and Tim founded the Behavioral Grooves, we wanted to glean insights into the applications of behavioral sciences from world-renowned researchers and practitioners….


When Marketing Is Good, You Don’t See It

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This episode’s guest is Kyle Simenson, a marketing consultant who noted that ‘When marketing is good, you can’t see it.’ His comment instantly brought…


Mapping the Influence of Corporate Cultures – Silke Brittain

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When we started our conversation with Silke Brittain by talking about her thrill-seeking nature and her background in gymnastics, we couldn’t have predicted the deep conversation…


Growth Tribes and Pirate Funnels – Bernardo Nunes

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Bernardo Nunes, PhD believes that applying behavioral sciences to startups is the fastest way to get entrepreneurs up and running in a fast-changing world. At…


Changing the World One View at a Time – with Reddit superstar Kal Turnbull

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“One begins with a judgment and ends with a judgment, and the purpose of facts and figures is to come in between them is to…


Don’t Be Creepy – Data Transparency with Charlotte Blank

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Charlotte Blank, Chief Behavioral Officer at Maritz, says her job is ‘selling science.’ In this interview, held immediately before our meetup gathering in Minneapolis…


The Value of Understanding Microexpressions for Leaders

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Todd Fonseca is an executive in clinical research and communication for Medtronic and holds an interesting array of certifications including Certified Body Language Trainer….


The Employee Value Proposition at the NSA

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Chris Dobyns, the Human Capital Strategic Consultant in the Office of Human Resource Strategy & Program Design at the NSA (the National Security Agency),…


Applying the 4 Drive Model to Rewards & Recognition

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Many firms use rewards and incentives to motivate their reps. However, it was only when a complete audit of all the rewards and recognition tools…


Using Behavioral Science to Save Lives with Anurag Vaish,TheFinalMile

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In this episode, we talk with Anurag Vaish, Co-Founder of TheFinalMile, one of the largest behavioral science consultancies in the world. TheFinalMile has offices in Mumbai…


Grooving on Branding with Aaron Snyder, PhD from Lexicon

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In this episode, we spoke with Aaron Snyder, Director of Special Projects at Lexicon. Lexicon is one of the largest branding companies in the world.  They are…


BG 3: Scott Jeffrey, PhD, Monmouth University

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In this episode, we discuss the concept of justifiability with one of its earliest researchers, Scott Jeffrey, PhD. Scott was early among researchers, including…


Behavioral Grooves 2: Chad Emerson, President of The 421

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Chad Emerson founded The 421 to help people with addictions make better decisions. He focuses his comments on being “change ready” and the importance…


Behavioral Grooves 1: James Heyman, PhD

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In the Behavioral Grooves first podcast, Kurt Nelson, PhD and Tim Houlihan interview James Heyman, PhD, a professor and researcher at the University of…