Mapping the Influence of Corporate Cultures – Silke Brittain

When we started our conversation with Silke Brittain by talking about her thrill-seeking nature and her background in gymnastics, we couldn’t have predicted the deep conversation about influence mapping inside organizations. Silke is the managing director at Clearvoice.agency based in the UK and works with corporations to help them map communication pathways to determine ways to change the cultures of organizations.

She shared research that 3% of the people in an organization account for as much as 85% of the organization’s change, all through informal influence. Her rigorous approach to analyzing situations, developing solutions based on informal communication, and creating influence maps inspired us to want to return to Clearvoice.agency’s projects in the future.

Silke revealed that her theme song would be “We Are The Champions” by Queen, a UK band known for its subtle and informal influence on the world! Tim noted in the Grooving Session that one of his favorite UK bands is Tankus The Henge, led by frontman and sideshow barker Jaz Delorean, and Kurt jumped in by noting the carnival-style antics of Johnny on Wash Day, from Kurt’s days at Somerfest, in Wisconsin. Ah, life is good with music.

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AIRDATE: March 20, 2018 EPISODE 12

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Mapping the Influence of Corporate Cultures – Silke Brittain

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