Evolving Minds and Attention Spans | Gloria Mark PhD

Ever feel your attention… drifting? Want to get better at being present? Join Kurt and Tim as they delve into the world of shrinking attention spans alongside researcher Gloria Mark. Uncover the eye-opening revelations from Mark’s research, highlighting a significant decrease in attention spans within just a few short years.

Explore the intricate ways in which the digital world and screen time impact our ability to focus, all while discovering the empowering idea that we possess agency over our attention. Gloria Mark shares invaluable tips for enhancing concentration, including insights into understanding your natural rhythms, setting goals, and connecting with nature.

In this attention-grabbing episode, witness how our brains and behavior are evolving in today’s increasingly distracting world. Gain a deeper understanding of the intricate relationship between technology, attention spans, and individual agency. It’s a journey into the evolving landscape of our minds and behaviors, offering practical tips to thrive in an era where distraction seems inevitable.


(5:33) Intro and speed round

(8:31) Myths and facts about attention span

(12:54) Attention as a resource

(19:11) Attention span, flow, and media consumption

(31:22) Staying focused and avoiding distractions

(37:25) Attention, free will, and musical rhythm

(45:07) Desert Island music

(52:20) Grooving session – finding your groove through nature and productivity

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