Break Autopilot with Intentional Living | Norman Farb and Zindel Segal

Ever find yourself coasting on autopilot a bit too often in your daily routine? Seeking ways to be more present and truly connect with your habits to enhance your life? Join Kurt and Tim on a profound exploration into the world of sense foraging and breaking free from autopilot habits.

In this enlightening episode, Kurt and Tim are joined by special guests Norman Farb and Zindel Segal, esteemed researchers in psychology and neuroscience, and co-authors of the insightful book “Better in Every Sense.” Together, they delve into the transformative power of intentional sensory exploration, curiosity, and savoring to elevate everyday experiences. Dive into the complexities of modern life, including the challenges of stress, burnout, and dysregulation, while gaining valuable insights into understanding your ‘default mode’ and the pivotal role of the salience network in directing your focus to the present moment.

Discover actionable strategies for integrating sense foraging into your daily life, from relishing the flavor of your morning coffee to heightening your awareness of the sensations in your environment. In their grooving session, Kurt and Tim underscore the importance of breaking away from habitual routines and fostering mindfulness to improve decision-making and overall well-being. Whether you’re seeking to shift your perspective or embark on a journey toward intentional living, this episode offers invaluable guidance to kickstart your transformation. Tune in now and take the first step toward finding your groove!

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[5:10] Intro and speed round

[7:30] Default mode – breaking out and toggling in

[11:56] House of Habit

[18:42] Perceptual inference and active inference

[23:53] How foraging leads to a better life

[29:26] Toggle in for engagement and break away from default mode

[39:12] Sensory engagement and learning

[44:33] Hearing vs. listening

[46:58] Desert island music

[53:44] Grooving session: habits, autopilot, and how to create your own groove moments

© 2024 Behavioral Grooves

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