[GROOVING SESSION] Attention: How to Capture It and Keep It with Ben Parr

Continuing our series on Marketing and Employee Engagement this month, we were joined on our latest interview episode (#237) by Ben Parr, author of “Captivology: The Science of Capturing People’s Attentionhttps://amzn.to/3ejByXB. His insights and research have valuable applications in marketing and entrepreneurship.

We’re also doing things a little differently this month on Behavioral Grooves. Instead of discussing Ben Parr’s interview in our Grooving Session at the end of the episode, we’ve decided to make it a separate episode. We suggest you listen to Ben’s interview first (#237), and then join us on this episode where we discuss the practical applications of his fascinating work:

  • How to gain and maintain attention.
  • The importance of intentionality and context.
  • Why synthesizing and curating is vital in maintaining attention.
  • And, mostly importantly, how to be yourself.

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AIRDATE: July 11, 2021 EPISODE 236

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[GROOVING SESSION] Attention: How to Capture It and Keep It with Ben Parr

Featured Guest

Ben Parr