3 Ways to have a Positive Chat About Vaccine Hesitancy with Friends and Family

Research is showing that there are four broad groups of people who are the most vaccine hesitant:

  • African Americans
  • Latinos
  • Women between the ages of 20 and 36
  • Rural Americans and Republicans

Many of us have a family member or friend who feels hesitant about the vaccination. In this episode, Kurt and Tim address how you can have a positive conversation with them, using proven behavioral science techniques.

Compassionate curiosity

  • Listen with compassion
  • Understanding motivations
  • Be genuine with curiosity

Leverage the right messenger

  • Framing what you’re going to share
  • Think about their perspective
  • Find an authority figure who they respect
  • Trumpcine

The Message

  • Change the social norm
  • Being able to take our masks off “Take a shot, take off your mask”
  • Personalise the message

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AIRDATE: April 21, 2021 EPISODE 217

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3 Ways to have a Positive Chat About Vaccine Hesitancy with Friends and Family

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