BG 3: Scott Jeffrey, PhD, Monmouth University

In this episode, we discuss the concept of justifiability with one of its earliest researchers, Scott Jeffrey, PhD. Scott was early among researchers, including Itamar Simonson at Stanford, to note that part of what makes a thing a ‘reward’ is its difficulty to be justifiable. In other words, the best reward is something that we would NOT justify spending our own money on.

Scott took an interesting turn with his theme song and we had also talked about how employee engagement platforms are ‘dollarizing’ the relationship between the employer and the employee. Scott also brought up Max Bazerman’s “Arguing with Yourself and Losing” model which coaxed a spirited discussion among us.

Kurt and Tim grooved on holiday eats and lots of geeky stuff and skipped the ‘what we’re listening to’ in this episode. More for later!

AIRDATE: January 2, 2018 EPISODE 3

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BG 3: Scott Jeffrey, PhD, Monmouth University

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Scott Jeffrey, PhD