…Ridiculous Ep. 4: Behavioral Economics Goes Mainstream

Eventually, Behavioral Economics emerged as an influential perspective. It’s become mainstream in Economics, and it’s helped inform programs and policies that affect real people every day. But where do we see this impact? Explore the pervasive influence of Behavioral Economics in our everyday lives and beyond, from shaping individual decision-making to informing government policy design. Witness the ongoing evolution of this once radical field as it continues to inspire innovation and shape policies for better societal outcomes.


  • Explore how behavioral economics conquered economics’ stronghold
  • Discover how psychology integration sparks innovative retirement savings solutions
  • Uncover the UK and US government’s bold ventures into science-driven policy making
  • Witness the global expanison of behvioral insights teams and their impact on addressing complex societal challenges

Thanks to guests whose voices you heard, including Chaning Jang, Drazen Prelec, Richard Thaler, George Loewenstein, Colin Camerer, Sendhil Mullainathan, Danny Kahneman, Liam Delaney, Stephen Roll, Shlomo Benartzi, David Halpern, and David Yokum. Although his voice didn’t make it into the episode, we also thank Bill Congdon for his insight on the White House Social Behavioral Science Team.

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AIRDATE: February 26, 2024 EPISODE 401

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…Ridiculous Ep. 4: Behavioral Economics Goes Mainstream

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