Can Psychology Tell Us What Makes A Good Life? With Paul Bloom, Part 2

Is a happy life one that is abundant with pleasure? Or one without pain? Or one that overcomes struggle? The quest for a good life may go beyond the scope of a psychological study. But bestselling author, Paul Bloom does believe that psychology can help us maximize the circumstances that contribute to our happiness.

The answer to what a good life is falls outside the scope of psychology, because it ends up being sort of a moral and philosophical question. ~ Paul Bloom, episode 353 Click To Tweet

In the second part of our interview with psychologist Paul Bloom we delve more into his book  “Psych: The Story of the Human Mind”. Not only do we discuss the factors that lead to a happy life, we talk to Paul about the evolution of selfish versus altruistic behaviors, the ongoing debate between nature versus nurture, how maximizers and satisficers differ and what exactly hypophobia is.

On the one hand maximizers, not surprisingly, do very well in their choices. On the other hand, they're sometimes not as happy as the rest of us. ~ Paul Bloom, episode 353 Click To Tweet

If you’d like to listen to the first part of Paul’s interview, tune in to episode 352 and you’ll also enjoy our previous discussion with Paul about his book, The Sweet Spot in episode 241.

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(2:23) Why Paul hasn’t written a psychology textbook.

(5:03) The evolution of kindness and selfishness.

(11:57) Nature vs. nurture.

(15:30) Why do we care more about our differences than our similarities?

(18:07) Maximizers vs. satisficers?

(20:28) Is language infinite in principle, but finite in practice?

(22:19) What is a good life?

(27:34) Do a lot of our politicians have hypophobia (lack of fear)?

(30:47) What music would Paul take to a desert island?

(34:30) Grooving Session with Kurt and Tim.


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