The Power of Brevity | Todd Rogers

Does everybody skim? Todd Rogers, co-author of “Writing for Busy Readers” joins Kurt and Tim to discuss just that. In this insightful episode, Todd shares principles and rules that will transform your written communication skills. Join the conversation as Todd challenges the traditional notions of taste and style in writing, emphasizing the power of concise and evidence-backed strategies for effective communication in the 21st century.

Discover the art of “less is more” as Todd shares practical steps and easy-to-follow techniques to overcome common challenges in conveying crucial information. Gain profound insights into the writer’s responsibility to readers and navigate the dynamic landscape of social media communication. Todd’s expertise provides a roadmap for achieving your communication goals with impact and precision.

During their grooving session Kurt and Tim exploring the importance of mapping information out before you write and offer helpful tips and tricks they’ve used to achieve success in their written communication over the years. Whether you’re drafting corporate emails or engaging in casual conversations, this episode is a must-listen, providing practical guidance to elevate your communication skills and thrive in a world where brevity is key. Tune in and revolutionize the way you convey information in today’s fast-paced environment!

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(4:34) Welcome and Speed Round

(6:53) Does everybody skim?

(9:14) Writing for busy readers

(14:36) Writing effectively

(19:26) The new rules of writing

(29:20) Focusing on the reader’s perspective

(40:03) Writing for social media and user engagement

(46:47) Desert Island Music

(48:40) Grooving session: Tips for improving communication

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AIRDATE: November 12, 2023 EPISODE 382

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The Power of Brevity | Todd Rogers