Unlocking the Power of Effective Communication | Matt Abrahams

Communication is a vital skill we all use, but do we truly understand its profound impact on our lives? Join Kurt and Tim as they engage in a captivating conversation with communication expert Matt Abrahams. Matt, an accomplished author, educator, and co-host of “Think Fast, Talk Smart,” takes us on a journey into the heart of effective communication.

Discover the secrets to spontaneous speaking and hone your communication skills with practical insights and actionable steps. From connecting with your audience to creating the best toasts at parties, this episode is a masterclass in the art of communication. Matt reveals the magic of active listening and the importance of paraphrasing to strengthen your relationships.

Make anxiety your ally as you prepare for public speaking and various communication scenarios. With a wealth of global experience, Matt guides us through negotiation, persuasion, and even the role of creativity in communication. 

During their Grooving Session, Kurt and Tim talk about their own personal experiences with public speaking and communication, sharing anecdotes and advice from their own victories and defeats. Whether you’re delivering a keynote presentation or sharing a story with friends, this episode will offer you vital tips towards unlocking your full communication potential! 



(2:39) Welcome and speed round questions

(6:24) Matt’s Book and the fear of public speaking

(9:51) Overcoming the fear of public speaking and roadblocks

(15:05) Maximizing Mediocrity?

(18:50) Giving better toasts

(23:53) The M&M’s of Public Speaking

(30:24) Matt’s Podcast

(37:20) Chopin, Jazz, and off-the-cuff conversation

(42:43) Desert Island Music

(46:17) Grooving Session with Kurt and Tim on Public Speaking

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