Tuned In or Tuned Out? | Nuala Walsh

So many voices, who do we listen to? The loudest, most senior or most popular voice?
Our lives are rife with pivotal moments yet it’s harder to get decisions right. However, amidst this whirlwind, we at Behavioral Grooves recently made a resounding decision – to tune in and sit down with a guest who could help us untangle the intricacies of decision-making in the modern noisy world.

Enter Nuala Walsh, the insightful author of “Tune In – How to Make Smarter Decisions in a Noisy World”. Joining Kurt and Tim, she delves deep into the labyrinth of misjudgement, reveals the ten PERIMETERS™ traps dissecting the cognitive mechanisms that stop us hearing the voices that really matter. In this illuminating dialogue, the trio navigates the idea of psychological ‘deaf spots’ – why we tune out and offers pragmatic strategies for becoming a more powerful and influential Decision Ninja.

Discover the significance of concepts like ‘tuning in’ versus ‘tuning out’, and how our biases can be exacerbated by unchecked information filtering and neglected interpretation. Arm yourself with the revolutionary SONIC framework and explore the notion of ‘decision friction’.

Throughout the conversation, Walsh provides fascinating examples and actionable insights to recalibrate our thought processes towards more deliberate and well-considered judgement calls. Judgment isn’t taught but it is assumed especially in positions of power.

As always, our episode culminates in a Grooving Session with Kurt and Tim, where they bare personal anecdotes of cognitive biases and memory lapses – showcasing the myriad ways our judgment can be swayed.

Whether you’re grappling with a monumental decision or not, this episode is a must-listen for all. Don’t fall victim to the narrow thinking of the PERIMETERS effect – tune in and make more socially responsible decisions, not just to protect your career but to save time, money and lives.

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[5:50] Introduction and Speed Round

[10:42] Tuning in/out in a noisy world

[15:13] Decision-making and the impact of individual choices

[19:48] Ethics and whistleblowers

[22:57] Cognitive biases and judgment traps

[30:14] Decision-making strategies and mindset

[37:01] Desert Island music choices

[40:39] Grooving session: Attention, focus, and savoring everyday moments

© 2024 Behavioral Grooves

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