Mapping Out Our Minds | Linnea Gandhi

Set sail into the uncharted waters of behavioral science with Kurt and Tim on a captivating journey led by PhD candidate Linnea Gandhi. Together, they explore the revolutionary concept of Nudge Cartography, a groundbreaking initiative that seeks to map the intricate landscape of behavioral nudges – those subtle interventions designed to shape human behavior. If you’re scratching your head wondering, “Nudge Cartography? What’s that?” fear not! Kurt and Tim are your fearless guides, ready to unravel the mysteries and implications of this fascinating exploration.

Nudge Cartography challenges the traditional view of academic research in behavioral science, urging practitioners to see research papers not merely as products but as essential marketing tools. Linnea Gandhi, in her insightful observations, emphasizes the transformative power of understanding the world through research and the need to use that understanding for positive change. Kurt and Tim navigate through the implications of this perspective, discussing the critical role of replication in research and the broader mission of comprehending the world to drive meaningful improvements.

Curious about the specifics of Nudge Cartography? Tune in to this episode as Kurt and Tim decode the project’s significance, shedding light on regional variations in responses to behavioral interventions. Join the conversation and embark on a thought-provoking expedition that challenges the norms of behavioral science while providing valuable insights for researchers, practitioners, and curious minds alike.

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(0:07) What is Nudge Cartography?

(3:55) Computational social science and mapmaking

(8:21) Mapping behavioral science with experiments

(15:33) The importance of generalizable knowledge in science

(21:29) Developing a nudge experiment database

(28:17) Using data to understand human behavior

(36:25) Closing thoughts, work processes, and musical preferences

(38:23) Grooving on Nudge Cartography

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