Rethinking Behavioral Science | Adam Mastroianni

While Tim finds himself confined to a plane, Kurt engages in a captivating one-on-one session with researcher Adam Mastroianni. Together, they delve into the intriguing world of behavioral science, aiming to unveil the concealed truths behind the notorious Big Dentist conspiracy urging everyone to floss.

However, the episode takes an unexpected turn as Kurt and Adam embark on a thought-provoking exploration of the past, present, and future of behavioral science. From a history tainted with fraudulent studies to a present that seems tepid in terms of groundbreaking discoveries, the duo contemplates what lies ahead. Do we dare to take risks, or is maintaining the status quo the safer route? Moreover, does the current academic system truly foster risk-taking?

Join us for a conversation that challenges assumptions, sparks innovation, and confronts the stigma surrounding the belief that flossing is the sole path to dental health. Tune in as we navigate the future of behavioral science, encouraging a fresh perspective on academia and the pursuit of knowledge.

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(4:09) Intro and Speed Round

(8:19) When should we stop talking?

(11:47) Does the fact that a study was found fraudulent matter?

(16:18) Are we out of groundbreaking discoveries?

(22:03) The limitations in current research and the need for a paradigm shift

(27:28) Shifting mindset in scientific research

(36:39) Flossing and the importance of context

(48:35) Research insights and desert island music

(52:19) Grooving session: Science, academia, and the importance of new ideas

© 2023 Behavioral Grooves

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AIRDATE: December 3, 2023 EPISODE 385

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Rethinking Behavioral Science | Adam Mastroianni