Bridging Behavioral Science Concepts and Applications | Connor Joyce

Connect behavioral science theory and research to practical applications. Connor Joyce founded the Applied Behavioral Science Association and he shares his perspectives on different behavioral science roles.

This podcast episode features Connor Joyce discussing his career journey and involvement with the Applied Behavioral Science Association (ABSA). Connor began his career as a human capital analyst at Deloitte, where he was first exposed to behavioral science. He then earned a Master’s degree in behavioral science from the University of Pennsylvania.

After graduating, Connor struggled to find career paths for applied behavioral scientists. He started the Behavioral Insights Professional Society to address this issue and connect resources. While it had initial success, Connor realized he lacked strategic experience. He then partnered with the Behavioral Science & Policy Association and others to form Project Nexus, which eventually became ABSA.

ABSA aims to improve the world by promoting education and collaboration across expertise levels in behavioral science. Connor described two main categories – experts who specialize in behavioral science applications, and novices/users who incorporate behavioral science into other roles like design or marketing. ABSA provides resources like standards and job descriptions to support both groups.

The conversation also explores similarities and differences between behavioral science, user experience design, data science, and marketing insights. Connor noted blurring lines between these fields in technology companies, where they are all forms of applied research. Finally, Connor discusses how generative AI could democratize user research by empowering more people to conduct basic studies.



(3:47) Welcome and speed round questions.

(9:21) What exactly is behavioral science?

(15:45) Creating a professional society for behavioral insights.

(25:09) Behavioral science, user design, and data science.

(33:25) Connor’s musical preferences.

(40:08) Grooving Session with Kurt and Tim.


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AIRDATE: October 22, 2023 EPISODE 379

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Bridging Behavioral Science Concepts and Applications | Connor Joyce

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