How Behavioral Science Can Tackle Misinformation And Obesity | Evelyn Gosnell

Small changes can have big effects. Standing on a different set of scales can affect our weight loss journey and adding friction to the share button online can reduce the spread of misinformation. Find out from Irrational Lab’s Managing Director, Evelyn Gosnell how they are researching the behavioral insights that make a big difference in the world.

Evelyn Gosnell is a frequent speaker in behavioral economics and consumer psychology. She is an expert in helping companies use the science of decision-making to better understand how real people think and behave, thereby creating better products and services for them. Evelyn and her team at Irrational Labs are using behavioral science to solve some of the big, wicked problems that plague us – from obesity to misinformation.

In our discussion with Evelyn, we also touch on the application of behavioral science in organizations and why you don’t need a PhD to transform yourself into a Behavioral Product Manager.

One of the best takeaways from the interview is the 3B Framework that anyone can use to unlock behavior change:

  • Define the behavior
  • Reduce barriers
  • Increase benefits

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(2:24) Welcome and speed round questions.

(4:09) Using behavioral science to lose weight.

(11:17) How Irrational Labs researched weight loss programs.

(15:47) Reducing spread of misinformation on TikTok.

(26:06) The 3B Framework to unlock behavior change in organizations.

(34:47) How Evelyn’s childhood has influenced her relationship with music.

(37:41) Grooving Session with Kurt and Tim discussing Evelyn’s interview.


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AIRDATE: January 9, 2023 EPISODE 338

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How Behavioral Science Can Tackle Misinformation And Obesity | Evelyn Gosnell

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