The Three Phases of Growth and Learning | Whitney Johnson

We are always learning, whether it’s changing careers or learning a new instrument. But how do we transition from the curiosity stage, to completely mastering the skill? It turns out it’s a rather predictable process. The growth and learning journey we all embark on, many times in our life, can, according to Whitney Johnson, be visualized on the S Curve of Learning. The growth and learning journey comes in three phases: the Launch Point, the Sweet Spot, and Mastery.

In this episode with Whitney and in her new book Smart Growth: How to Grow Your People to Grow Your Company”, we can learn how to keep going when growth is slow and why we sometimes leap from one journey to another. By familiarizing ourselves with the growth journey, we can better ourselves, our workplaces and our societies.

Not only has Whitney been a fascinating guest on our podcast, she has also generously given us some signed copies of her book for our listeners! All you have to do is write a Twitter post about why you would like to read Whitney’s book Smart Growth on social media and tag us in the post: @behavioralgroov. We will choose the lucky winners and send you a FREE SIGNED COPY!


(1:18) Find out how to WIN Whitney’s new book, Smart Growth: How to Grow Your People to Grow Your Company”.

(4:11) What is the S Curve of Learning?

(11:33) How we have learnt to integrate our work life and home life during the pandemic.

(15:44) Nobody climbs their S Curve alone; how important is context?

(18:49) The 6 phases of the S Curve.

(26:28) How Shellye Archambeau jumped onto new S Curves in order to reach the summit.

(34:51) What is Whitney’s next challenge?

(40:58) Whitney’s S Curve with music.

(47:00) Grooving Session with Kurt and Tim recapping what we learnt from Whitney.

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AIRDATE: March 27, 2022 EPISODE 285

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The Three Phases of Growth and Learning | Whitney Johnson