Navigating Societal Rifts | Michèle Lamont

Tensions around the dinner table? Trouble finding common ground with friends and family? Renowned sociologist Michèle Lamont joins Tim and Kurt to unravel why the world seems more polarized than ever.

In this episode, Lamont delves into pressing societal issues, from tribalism to media polarization, offering expert insights and defining key terms with historical context. She explores generational shifts in perspectives on recognition and identity, asking how we can bridge divides between different worldviews.

Beyond analysis, Lamont inspires change, discussing the transformative power of reframing narratives to cultivate hope. Join us for a conversation challenging stereotypes, and promoting a society where everyone feels valued. Kurt and Tim end the episode with a  Grooving Session where they encourage us to strengthen the recognition of our shared humanity and invite listeners to be part of the change. Tune in for a fresh perspective on navigating a divided world.

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(03:22) Michèle Lamont intro and Speed Round

(08:08) Bridging generational divides

(20:49) Changing hearts and minds to address inequality

(26:36) Countering negative narratives

(36:59) Generational differences in identity and inclusion

(41:24) Race, identity, and mental health

(47:23) Grooving session: Overcoming polarization

© 2023 Behavioral Grooves

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AIRDATE: November 26, 2023 EPISODE 384

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Navigating Societal Rifts | Michèle Lamont