We Are Greater Together; The Power Of Belonging | Dominic Packer PhD

We all have an inherent need to belong. And the groups we feel part of actually shape our behavior, more than we realize. They influence how we navigate the world and the way we relate to each other. In an increasingly polarized landscape, our social identities are often collapsed into a single dimension; Republican or Democrat, Brexit Leaver or Brexit Remainer. But our identities are multifaceted. And if we unpeel the complex layers of our identities, we reveal more commonalities than differences. Exposing that can be a powerful and unifying force.

The Power of Us is an incredible new book, showcasing the potential we have when we harness our shared identities. In this episode, Dominic Packer, who co-authored the book alongside fellow researcher Jay Van Bavel, gives us a glimpse into their revolutionary new understanding of identity, and how our groups have a powerful influence on our feelings, beliefs, and behaviors.  We also learn how these shared identities can inspire personal change and social movements.

“Our social identities end up shaping a lot of how we navigate the world, a lot of our feelings about the world and how we relate to each other.” ~ Dominic Packer Click To Tweet

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(3:28) Welcome and speed round questions.

(9:16) How polarization is collapsing our identities into a single dimension.

(11:36) How priming a particular part of your identity can change how you think.

(14:59) Does the 24 hour news cycle constantly remind us of our political identity?

(17:26) Who is The Power Of Us written for?

(18:55) Why were the Minimal Group Studies so important to understanding group identities?

(24:59) Who is most likely to dissent from a group?

(28:22) In-group love is not inherently the same as out-group hate.

(31:39) What factors lead to out-group hate?

(33:41) What steps can create more cohesion between groups?

(36:07) Why did the COVID-19 pandemic cause division and not unity?

(44:55) How music can make you feel part of a group and reinforce your identity.

(54:54) Grooving Session discussing what we have learnt about our own social identities.

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AIRDATE: February 20, 2022 EPISODE 279

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We Are Greater Together; The Power Of Belonging | Dominic Packer PhD