Turning Anxiety into Assurance | Dr. Julia DiGangi

We’re back to our regularly scheduled program this week and full of energy – or should we say Energy Rising?

Join Kurt and Tim as they embark on a captivating exploration of emotional intelligence in this episode featuring Dr. Julia DiGangi, author of “Energy Rising.” Delve into the intricate relationship between neuroscience and emotions as Dr. DiGangi uncovers the transformative potential of understanding our emotional landscape.

Discover how our emotions serve as the catalyst for our actions and choices, and why confronting emotional discomfort is crucial for personal evolution. Dr. DiGangi advocates for embracing uncertainty and anxiety, highlighting how these experiences can foster deeper connections, self-awareness, and confidence.

Through insightful analysis, Kurt and Tim delve into Dr. DiGangi’s perspectives on trauma recovery, the incremental growth of emotional intelligence, and the significance of starting small to build resilience gradually. As they say, you don’t start skiing on a black diamond – it’s all about mastering the bunny slope first (unless, of course, you’re Kurt, but that’s a story for another podcast).

If you’re seeking inspiration to push beyond your comfort zone and challenge your own stagnation, tune in to glean wisdom from Dr. DiGangi on how to fortify your resilience and elevate your energy. Discover the transformative power of emotional intelligence and witness your energy soar.

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[5:52] Intro and Speed Round

[8:55] Emotional pain and how it impacts our lives

[13:54] Emotional intelligence and decision-making

[24:17] Embracing pain for personal growth

[32:36] How emotions impact our nervous system

[38:11] Trauma, healing, and the intersection of science and faith

[48:40] Desert Island music

[50:23] Grooving Session: Emotions, risk, and uncertainty

© 2024 Behavioral Grooves

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