Grooving On: Starting a Movement

In their final wrap-up, Kurt and Tim reflect on their recent series “They Thought We Were Ridiculous” and the insightful conversations they shared with leading figures in behavioral economics.

Throughout this engaging discussion, they delve into how small, dedicated groups have catalyzed significant shifts in both thought and practice within the field. They emphasize that behavioral economics didn’t emerge fully developed; rather, it required the combined efforts of brilliant minds, collaboration, and unwavering perseverance in the face of adversity to shape the impactful field we know today.

During the episode, Kurt and Tim stress the importance of effecting change from within existing systems and encourage listeners to identify and capitalize on fortunate opportunities. Success isn’t by chance – it often hinges on embracing uncertainty and seizing unforeseen circumstances.

Tune in for invaluable insights into the evolution of behavioral economics and discover actionable strategies for driving meaningful change in your own pursuits. Don’t miss this exciting conclusion to our series—a compelling exploration of human behavior and the transformative potential of collaboration and perseverance.

They Thought We Were Ridiculous

1: Beyond Anomalies

2: Importing Psychology

3: Children of Unlikely Parents

4: Behavioral Economics Goes Mainstream

5: The Future