…Ridiculous Ep. 5: The Future

Exploring the future of Behavioral Economics, we talked to three young researchers who are pushing the field further. A new generation of researchers is striving to understand decision-making in the developing world, how brains process economic decisions, and how bigger, more transparent scientific methods can shed light on basic principles of choice.

However, the journey toward new discoveries is not without its challenges. Behavioral Economics faces an identity crisis amid shifting perspectives, prompting a reevaluation of its approaches. Discover how this introspection may catalyze a more pragmatic ethos within the field, prioritizing real-world impact over theoretical abstraction. Join us as we navigate this nuanced landscape, engaging with the innovative minds shaping the future of behavioral economics with a blend of boldness, innovation, and pragmatism.


  • How behavioral economics is revolutionizing farming in developing nations
  • Discover groundbreaking revelations about the decision-making process
  • Why there needs to be shift towards transparency in scientific practices to ensure a brighter future
  • The new collaboration between Behavioral Economists and tech innovators and what it means for the future

Thanks to guests whose voices you heard, including Danny Kahneman, Supreet Kaur, Rahul Bhui, and Linnea Gandhi.

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AIRDATE: February 26, 2024 EPISODE 402

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…Ridiculous Ep. 5: The Future

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