[INTERVIEW] Are You More Honest with Google or Your friends? With Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

The truth is we divulge more information to Google that we do to our friends, our family or even our doctors. Our social media persona can paint a very different picture to what we secretly search for on Google. So what do search trends in Google tell us about ourselves and our society? Does it matter that we are different on Google than in person?

Author of bestseller Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Really Are, Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, tells us how data can unlock the keys to happier relationships and even how to better parent our children.

Topics We Discuss with Seth:

(3:15) Welcome and speed round questions.

(12:53) Are people more honest with Google or with their friends?

(16:01) The juxtaposition between our social media presence and our Google searches.

(21:03) Does everybody really lie?

(26:06) Why people lie about sex.

(30:00) Why your children’s outcome is affected by your location.

(36:37) Using more data and less intuition to make decisions.

(44:28) The data to use and not to use for successful dating.

(47:57) What age do we get hooked on music?

(54:10) Do people lie about music?

Join us for our follow-on discussion in Episode 245 where Kurt and Tim have a Grooving Session on what they have talked about with Seth: the effect of context with honesty, tips for successful dating and the influences surrounding our children.

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AIRDATE: August 8, 2021 EPISODE 246

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[INTERVIEW] Are You More Honest with Google or Your friends? With Seth Stephens-Davidowitz