If You’re Wrong It’s Meaningless, But If I’m Wrong It’s Valuable | Peter Montoya

As the political divide between left and right widens in the US and around the world, we seem to spend increasing amounts of time focusing on the idea that other people are wrong. But what if we stopped arguing about facts and talked about improving ourselves instead?

“All of my knowledge is temporary, pending new information.” ~ Peter Montoya, episode 286 Click To Tweet

This is a motto that guest Peter Montoya lives by, which questions our own ego and behavior, more than other people’s.

Peter Montoya is the author of The Second Civil War: A Citizen’s Guide to Healing Our Fractured Nation, which we understand to be the first “political self help” for Americans. Instead of pointing the finger of blame at one side or the other, Peter challenges us to look inward at our own behavior, our own ego battle and our own craving to belong which can reveal a lot about the relationships we are building.

Finding somebody else's belief that is wrong, really doesn't help me that much. Finding what I believe that's not true is far more valuable to me, than changing somebody else's mind. Click To Tweet

Looking inwards is a personal journey that Peter has recently taken himself and we are incredibly grateful to him for the vulnerability and openness he shows in this episode. We are all just trying to be a better version of ourselves and we can see this endeavor reflected in the stories that Peter shares with us.

Every single person is on their own journey to become the best version of themselves. ~ Peter Montoya, episode 286 Click To Tweet

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(7:19) Why do people fight on social media?

(13:31) Why do we need a political self help book?

(15:51) Arguing about politics really is stupid; but what’s the alternative?

(20:43) What to do about social media and news rewarding extreme stories.

(26:19) Why don’t facts or morality matter when changing minds?

(29:34) What are our actual differences vs. our perceived differences?

(30:13) Change starts with ourselves.

(33:19) Understanding our own ego.

(35:09) When you change yourself, you change your relationships.

(47:17) The greatest song Peter has ever heard.

(53:31) Grooving Session discussing what we’ve learnt from Peter.

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AIRDATE: March 30, 2022 EPISODE 286

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If You’re Wrong It’s Meaningless, But If I’m Wrong It’s Valuable | Peter Montoya