Artem Petakov: Our Biggest Competitor is the Couch

Artem Petakov is a co-Founder of Noom, a behavioral change and weight loss product that marries both psychology and AI to help people form more healthy behaviors and lose weight. You’re probably seeing Noom everywhere these days – on television, social media, YouTube – and with high frequency. The media exposure is generating terrific growth for the company and we wanted to talk to Artem about how Noom applies behavioral science to the core of their offering.

Our conversation with Artem was ripe with terrific insights. We discussed behavioral science facets in the app, how Noom grew and changed over time, how the company experiments with interventions, and how the organization has adapted and innovated along their journey.

We discussed Artem’s experience of being inspired by Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman and the Heath brothers’ concept of Maslow’s Basement. We talked a bit about Burning Man Music (highly tech-driven beats) and were left wanting more.

We think you will be, too.

Make The Change

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