Break Free from Insecure Attachments | Dr. Judy Ho

Have you ever wondered how your childhood experiences influence your adult relationships and behaviors?

This week, Kurt and Tim jump into attachment theory with renowned clinical psychologist Dr. Judy Ho. They explore the different types of secure and insecure attachment, and how our early bonds with primary caregivers shape our developmental years and influence our adult behavior and relationships. Dr. Ho explains how attachment styles can influence our worldview, and how these styles manifest in our self-talk and stress responses.  Our past doesn’t define our future, and the discussion highlights the importance of understanding and healing our attachment issues at any age. 

And it wouldn’t be Behavioral Grooves without some music! Dr. Ho joins Tim and Kurt (mostly Tim) in a conversation about the therapeutic role music has on emotional regulation and self-care.  Music can help replace unhelpful patterns with healthier ones and can help ground us and promote mindfulness. 

Mindfulness is key in this week’s Grooving Session, with Kurt and Tim emphasizing the importance of slowing down and being mindful in daily life.  Through personal anecdotes and reflections, they wrap up the episode with actionable advice and valuable strategies for personal growth and emotional well-being. 

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[5:27] Intro and speed round

[8:19] Attachment theory and its impact on adult behavior

[10:50] Attachment styles and relationships

[15:53] Understanding attachment styles and their impact

[25:07] Self-help techniques to manage emotions

[34:29] The importance of mindfulness

[42:51] Music’s role in self-care

[50:07] Grooving Session: Attachment theory, self-regulation, and mindfulness

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AIRDATE: June 3, 2024 EPISODE 417

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Break Free from Insecure Attachments | Dr. Judy Ho

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