The Eight Superpowers of Confidence | Lisa Sun

Step into a captivating conversation as Tim and Kurt engage with Lisa Sun, the author of Gravitas. Lisa introduces the intriguing concept that each of us possesses superpowers—not the extraordinary kind, but those that ignite leadership, achievement, and self-belief. In this discussion, Lisa unveils the eight superpowers that make up confidence.

Moving beyond mere behavioral traits, Lisa emphasizes that confidence is fundamentally a mindset. Uncover the key to building self-confidence by recognizing strengths and celebrating past successes. While we may not possess telekinetic abilities, join Lisa, Kurt, and Tim as they explore how shifting our mindset, silencing our inner critic, and reframing challenges as opportunities can foster a stronger sense of self-worth.

This engaging episode offers insights into gender differences in confidence and the societal need for a redefined understanding of this crucial trait. During the Grooving Session, Kurt and Tim share practical strategies for altering perspectives on life’s challenges and reframing emotions for better understanding and management.

Ready to unlock your mental superpowers? Join Lisa, Kurt, and Tim in this enlightening episode and embark on your journey to a more confident self.

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(2:37) Intro and Speed Round

(4:06) Creativity, self-confidence, and personal growth

(9:09) Ageism, self-doubt, and confidence

(12:15) Building self-confidence

(20:45) Inner child and inner critic

(25:58) Self-awareness, self-confidence, and overcoming fears

(35:48) Leadership qualities, gender, and confidence

(41:32) Workplace culture and gender bias

(53:11) Grooving Session: Confidence and self-expression

© 2023 Behavioral Grooves

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