The Science of Influence: Nudges in Action | Silvia Saccardo

Dive deep into the realm of behavioral science with Kurt and Tim this week as they explore the scalability of behavioral nudges and interventions through the groundbreaking research of Silvia Saccardo. Discover how Silvia’s work sheds light on the effectiveness of interventions, from COVID-19 vaccination reminders to improving student sleep habits.

Unveil the nuanced impact of nudges and their effectiveness for motivated individuals, as Silvia shares insights from her studies and personalized intervention strategies. In their discussion, Kurt and Tim dissect the implications of Silvia’s research, emphasizing the importance of precision in deploying nudges for maximum scalability and impact.

Join the conversation to learn how understanding behavioral principles can revolutionize intervention customization, catering to diverse contexts, populations, and behaviors. Gain invaluable insights into shaping habits effectively through cues and rewards, empowering you to encourage desired behaviors in everyday life. Tune in and unlock the secrets of behavioral science with practical applications.

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[6:17] Intro and speed round

[11:18] Scalability and the effectiveness of interventions

[14:19] COVID vaccination reminders: Study

[26:15] Sleep interventions and their impact on academic performance: Study

[34:21] The effectiveness of cue rewarding in sleep interventions

[40:12] The impact of small incentives of sleep habits

[47:19] Desert island music

[51:39] Grooving Session: Nudges, scalability, and interventions in behavioral science

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