Unlock Workplace Happiness | Gonzalo Camiña Ceballos

Curious about how prioritizing happiness can transform leadership and workplace dynamics? Well, look no further than this week’s discussion with Gonzalo Camiña Ceballos, CEO of BeWay, a Mexico City/Madrid-based company paving the way in bringing the principles of behavioral science to the workplace.  In this conversation, Kurt, Tim, and Gonzalo dive deep into the realms of humanistic management, personal fulfillment, and the concept of “eudaimonic leadership”, and how all these factors can make or break your experience in the workplace. 

Gonzalo emphasizes the importance of prioritizing the happiness and fulfillment of employees to achieve organizational success and challenges conventional leadership norms while advocating for a more holistic approach to employee well-being.  In a post-pandemic world where RTO mandates are on the rise, all of us need to find deeper connections and meaning in our jobs. Throughout the conversation, Gonzalo helps us to see a future where people have passion and purpose in their work and feel a greater sense of community in their daily jobs and beyond. 

Join Kurt, Tim, and Gonzalo as they navigate the intersections of leadership, happiness, and personal fulfillment, offering thought-provoking insights into redefining success and finding your groove in both work and life. Whether you’re a leader seeking innovative approaches to organizational management or an individual on a quest for personal growth and self-discovery, this episode offers valuable perspectives and inspiration to guide you on your journey.

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[4:18] Intro and speed round

[6:55] Behavioral science in corporate work departments

[16:13] Using behavioral science in debt collection

[26:53] Career development

[31:06] Prioritizing employee happiness in business

[35:47] Leadership, employee happiness, and scalability

[41:27] Desert island music choices

[46:08] Finding one’s groove in life

[54:17] Grooving session: leadership, management, and behavioral science

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AIRDATE: April 1, 2024 EPISODE 408

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Unlock Workplace Happiness | Gonzalo Camiña Ceballos

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