You Have Dignity Because You’re Human, Not Because You Work | Jonathan Malesic

Mitt Romney once mistakenly quipped that people were either “makers or takers” echoing a common sentiment among US politicians that by working we provide society with value and are rewarded with a sense of dignity. But what if we considered that each of us had dignity that wasn’t engulfed in our work identity? Would we be less susceptible to burnout if we accepted ourselves as enough as we are, regardless of our job status?

When you start building dignity on someone's paid employment, then a lot of people are going to be left out through no fault of their own. ~ Jonathan Malesic, Episode 302 Share on X

Having come through a dark period of burnout himself, Jonathan Malesic firmly believes that we all have dignity. Period. He has written a timely book called The End of Burnout: Why work drains us and how to build better lives. We are delighted that Jon has come to talk to Behavioral Grooves Podcast about what leads to burnout and how to prevent it.

Burnout is the experience of being pulled between expectation and reality at work. ~ Jonathan Malesic, Episode 302 Share on X

Jon delves into how the Protestant work ethic can contribute to burnout. And echoes Jennifer Moss’ sentiments from last week’s episode that burnout is an issue with corporate culture, not an individual problem.

And to Tim’s delight, Jon provides some historical context to the first musical mentions of burnout by Bob Dylan and Neil Young back in the 70s. We learn why that period in particular was a pivotal moment in the US labor market and how this is reflected in music from that era.

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(2:28) Welcome and speed round questions.

(7:47) The expectations of work vs. the reality of work.

(11:38) Jonathan’s experience of burnout.

(16:21) The 6 factors that can lead to burnout.

(21:29) Solutions to burnout.

(23:43) How the Protestant work ethic contributes to burnout.

(27:43) Putting dignity before work.

(32:44) How Jonathan wrote his whole book listening to just one album.

(37:33) Bob Dylan and Neil Young started singing about burnout in the 70s.

(42:45) How to avoid burnout.

(45:56) Grooving Session with Kurt and Tim on the causes and solutions to burnout.

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AIRDATE: June 20, 2022 EPISODE 302

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You Have Dignity Because You’re Human, Not Because You Work | Jonathan Malesic