Why Mindset Matters Most: The Secrets of Achievement | Paul Szyarto

A goal is a stepping stone on the way to a higher achievement, not an end point. By reframing our expectations, we can transform our mindset into an incredibly powerful psychological tool.

Most people think a goal is an end in the roadway, a major accomplishment. However, it's actually a stepping stone to the to the next achievement. ~ Paul Szyarto Share on X

Our guest on this episode is Paul Szyarto who has overcome some heartbreaking personal adversity to become an incredibly successful entrepreneur.

Paul speaks with us in detail about the blind spots entrepreneurs experience and why many organizations fail because they don’t hire the right people with the right talent. And he reminds us that the most challenging thing to do in times of chaos is to focus on something meaningful, something beyond the current chaos of that current challenge.

Most organizations fail, not because they don't have the right processes or technology. They fail because they haven't invested in the right people, and the methodologies behind the people. ~ Paul Szyarto Share on X

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(2:50) Welcome and speed round questions.

(5:11) Goals are not end points, they are stepping stones to a higher achievement.

(8:47) The psychology of human capital.

(12:16) Why most businesses fail.

(13:31) Paul’s secret tips for entrepreneurs.

(16:23) What is the Never Broken mindset?

(19:51) The barriers to feeling grateful.

(21:14) Does Paul’s playlist reflect his Never Broken mindset?

(22:40) Grooving session with Kurt and Tim discussing mindsets.

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AIRDATE: May 11, 2022 EPISODE 294

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Why Mindset Matters Most: The Secrets of Achievement | Paul Szyarto

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