Mindset Matters Most: Top Tips from The Sales Evangelist, Donald C. Kelly

Creating a motivating mindset is the most important component of any sales role. In fact, it’s a critical component of everything we do, but Donald C. Kelly enthusiastically reminds us in this episode that it’s a vital step in the sales process. Adopting a sales mindset can elevate you from a good sales person to a great sales person. Learn from Donald about how to get into the zone of a sales mindset.

I believe anyone can sell if they get the proper training, if they have the belief. ~ Donald C. Kelly Share on X

Donald has an extremely passionate, dedicated, and infectious personality. As producer and host of the extremely popular podcast, The Sales Evangelist, Donald lives, eats and breathes sales. He believes that anyone can become a sales person if they believe in themselves. Something that he started to discover for himself at the age of 7, when he started to sell mangoes in his hometown in Jamaica in order to help get him the cool Ninja bike that he wanted so badly.

We dedicate part of our interview with Donald to discuss the blend of behavioral science in sales. If you’re interested in finding out even more about how behavioral science can be used in your workplace, the team at Behavioral Grooves have designed a new handbook on leadership called Leading Human. It is cater-made for leaders in sales or any management role to help explore the human challenges and overcome the stresses of working in a hyper-dynamic world. The handbook walks you through exercises that you can do with your team – to make sure that you are being the most effective manager possible. In this ever changing world, having a deep understanding of how to apply behavioral science insights to better lead your team is vitally important.


(3:04) Welcome and speed round questions.

(8:40) Are people born with a natural sales ability?

(13:30) Why does our impression of sales come from car salesmen?

(18:12) Donald’s sales journey started by selling mangoes.

(22:38) How important is your mindset in sales?

(24:37) How your environment activates your reticular activating system.

(36:03) Why is behavioral science not integrated more in sales?

(41:10) How Donald uses music to get in the zone.

(45:27) Grooving Session with Kurt and Tim sharing what we learnt from Donald.

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AIRDATE: March 23, 2022 EPISODE 284

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Mindset Matters Most: Top Tips from The Sales Evangelist, Donald C. Kelly