Inner Power: Secrets to Self-Compassion and Intuition | Emma Seppälä

Take a deep breath. Step outside. Smell the coffee. Tune in to Behavioral Grooves.

This week, Kurt and Tim sit down with Emma Seppälä, author of “Sovereign,” to discuss the importance of understanding and embracing our emotions, practicing self-compassion, and relying on intuition in our decision-making process. In this empowering conversation, Emma emphasizes the transformative power of self-compassion and self-love in our daily lives.

Do you have trouble accepting praise from others? Is your tendency toward self-criticism too automatic? Sometimes, we need to step outside ourselves and reconnect with the world around us to practice gratitude, change our perspective, and erase negative self-talk to improve our mental well-being.

If you’re seeking more agency in life or starting a journey of personal growth, tune in to learn about the impact of self-compassion on relationships and happiness and the importance of intuition in decision-making, creativity, and problem-solving. Join us as we explore these themes and more, offering actionable steps to reclaim your freedom, energy, and power in today’s hectic world.

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[3:30] Thanks to our listeners!

[6:37] Intro and speed round

[11:05] Self-awareness and personal growth

[19:02] Why does society focus on criticism more than praise?

[26:29] Intuition and its role in decision-making

[35:07] Meditation and mindfulness for emotional intelligence

[40:00] Gratitude and mental health

[47:02] Desert Island music

[49:05] Grooving Session: Positivity, praise, and work-life balance

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