Groove Through 2023: A Year in Review with Kurt and Tim

Happy New Year from Kurt and Tim!

As we reflect on the past year, join us in revisiting some of the most impactful and insightful conversations from Behavioral Grooves in 2023. Throughout, we’re grateful for the time and wisdom shared by our wonderful guests, delving into key topics through the lens of behavioral science. As always, our aim is to provide you with valuable insights for both your professional and personal life.

From embracing uncertainty and cultivating growth mindsets to exploring the power of “magic words” and understanding your future self, this compilation covers a diverse range of subjects, including the psychology of scams and the challenges of parenting. So settle in, unwind, and take a moment to revisit the highlights of 2023 as we gear up for what the future holds (as much as we can anticipate!).

As always, thank you for listening to Behavioral Grooves. We appreciate your continued support and look forward to many more exciting developments in 2024!

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(2:17) Yael Schonbrun, parenting, and fostering growth mindsets.

(8:48) Nathan and Susannah Furr, embracing uncertainty

and embracing possibility.

(13:23) Jonah Berger, the enchantment of “magic words” and the art of reframing language.

(18:54) Hal Hershfield, navigating your future self and shedding light blind spots

(23:06) Daniel Simons & Chris Chabris, the intricate world of scams, and maintaining hope.

© 2023 Behavioral Grooves

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AIRDATE: January 1, 2024 EPISODE 389

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Groove Through 2023: A Year in Review with Kurt and Tim

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Kurt Nelson PhD and Tim Houlihan