The Psychological Benefits of Using a Process to Achieve an Outcome | Joseph Keebler PhD & Peter Krask

Processes decrease our cognitive load and increase our productivity. On Behavioral Grooves we have talked with out guests a lot about habits and routines, but not so much about the processes behind them. In this bitesize episode we discuss the psychological benefits of using processes and how you can leverage them in your life.

To illustrate the use of processes to achieve different outcomes, we are joined by both a practitioner and a researcher on this episode. Joseph R. Keebler is a Researcher and a Professor of Human Factors and Behavioral Neurobiology at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Florida. He has done some really amazing work on the use of processes and checklists for improving performance.

It's good to have a structure that supports us when we fail, especially when it comes to instrumental things like memorizing when you're doing things in exact order every time. ~ Joseph R. Keebler Click To Tweet

Our practitioner guest is Peter M. Krask, who is an artist and coach based in New York City. Peter helps people maximize their creative and non creative output. By tapping into processes, he will share how processes from one aspect of our lives can be used to help us work through new and unfamiliar tasks in other parts of our lives.

For anybody who is highly skilled in one area, that process is so intuitive after a certain period of time that they don't stop to think about. ~Peter Krask Click To Tweet


(3:29) How processes reduce our cognitive load.

(7:38) You can use the same process but get a different outcome.

(14:50) Being intentional creates better processes.

(16:50) Flexible goals are motivational.

(20:14) Summary of what we’ve learnt.

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AIRDATE: April 27, 2022 EPISODE 291

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The Psychological Benefits of Using a Process to Achieve an Outcome | Joseph Keebler PhD & Peter Krask

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Joseph R. Keebler & Peter M. Krask