The Benefits of Shades of Gray Thinking | Saul Perlmutter & Rob MacCoun

How do we make sense in a world that often seems nonsensical? In this week’s episode, Kurt and Tim team up with Saul Perlmutter and Rob MacCoun, co-authors of Third Millennium Thinking, to try and answer these unanswerable questions for listeners. Together, they bring the scientific method from theory to practice as they explore key aspects of scientific inquiry, probabilistic thinking, and the significance of embracing uncertainty in problem-solving. 

Saul and Rob help bring scientific practice into reality and cover various topics from the role of experimentation in identifying cause-and-effect relationships, the importance of assigning probabilities in decision-making, and the virtues of persistence and optimism in tackling challenges. 

In today’s increasingly polarized climate, it’s important to understand the value of seeking diverse perspectives to avoid mental traps and the power of collective cognition in decision-making. From probabilistic thinking to scientific optimism this conversation showcases how applying the scientific method can enhance not only our individual way of thinking but our interactions with the world. 

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[4:08] Intro and speed round

[7:48] Scientific method and experimentation in various fields

[16:54] Using probability to make informed decisions

[21:34] Dangers of polarization and the importance of making quick estimates

[28:08] Using mathematical estimates to solve problems

[32:55] Scientific optimism in the face of challenges

[43:05] Collective cognition and the importance of acknowledging uncertainty

[50:35] Grooving Session: Using the scientific method to improve thinking

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AIRDATE: June 10, 2024 EPISODE 418

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The Benefits of Shades of Gray Thinking | Saul Perlmutter & Rob MacCoun

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Rob MacCoun & Saul Perlmutter