Cracking the Communication Code | Ben Guttmann

Kurt and Tim kick off the new year with communications expert Ben Guttmann in an episode on simplifying messages.

Ben’s seemingly simple lessons pack a punch, offering a treasure trove of insights into mastering clear and concise communication for both personal and professional success. Join Kurt and Tim as they navigate through Ben’s five key principles, uncovering the secrets to crafting communications that truly hit the mark. From prioritizing benefits to maintaining focus, ensuring salience, embracing empathy, and adopting minimalism, the trio explores how these principles can transform your messaging strategy.

Discover how large organizations often lose sight of what customers are looking for. Gain valuable insights into Ben’s exploration of effective vs. ineffective slogans and taglines for businesses. Unpack the importance of employing the 10-100 most common words. Learn how testing messages with an “enlightened idiot” can be a game-changer.

Whether you’re a cog in a corporate machine or an individual seeking to sharpen your communication skills, this episode offers practical lessons on making your message resonate and connect. Kickstart the new year with a communication overhaul and be sure to share this episode with anyone in your life in need of a communication refresh. Don’t miss out on the keys to killer communication – like, share, and tune in now!

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(4:29) Introduction and speed round

(9:23) Simplifying communication in a busy world

(14:15) Bridging the gap between message creators and receivers

(23:43) Effective marketing strategies for big corporations

(34:41) The 1000 most common words for clear communication

(39:33) Communicating with aliens and desert island music

(45:59) Grooving Session: Communication and breaking through clutter

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AIRDATE: January 7, 2024 EPISODE 390

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Cracking the Communication Code | Ben Guttmann

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Ben Guttmann