Transport Your Thinking; Why We Need To Reframe Travel | Rory Sutherland & Pete Dyson

Transporting humans from A to B is about more than just speed, efficiency and duration. Comfort, Wi-Fi access, entertainment and our habits, among many other factors, influence our choice of transportation. As we become increasingly aware of the way our travel decisions affect climate change, how can behavioral science positively impact the journeys we make?

When we develop budgets for transport infrastructure spending, the metrics we use to justify the expense are nothing to do with either human what humans care about, or determining how they behave. Click To Tweet

Let our entertaining discussion with Pete Dyson and Rory Sutherland take you on a journey through their new book, “Transport for Humans: Are We Nearly There Yet?” Pete is the Principal Behavioural Scientist at the UK Department for Transport and has paired up with Rory who needs little introduction to many behavioral science enthusiasts. The vice chairman of Ogilvy UK and the co-founder of its Behavioural Science Practice, Rory is also a guest on one of the most popular ever episodes of Behavioral Grooves, Episode 107: The Opposite of a Good Idea is a Good Idea.

Our episode, along with the book, appeals to the “frustrated but optimistic traveler.” We hope listening helps you reframe your journey.


(3:23) Welcome to Pete and Rory with speed round questions.

(9:05) Our transport preferences are all different, so the market should reflect that.

(13:36) The book for the frustrated but optimistic traveler.

(15:30) What do travelers value?

(20:27) How does human nature affect our use of transport?

(22:37) How passenger technology has influenced train journeys.

(24:51) The consequences of journeys on climate change.

(26:31) Transportation challenges in the US.

(35:56) Thinking holistically, Zoom is an example of transportation.

(39:01) Rebranding a bus route increases ridership.

(43:39) Listening to music while cycling or commuting?

(49:52) Grooving Session on how Pete and Rory transported our thinking!

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Transport Your Thinking; Why We Need To Reframe Travel | Rory Sutherland & Pete Dyson

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