Changing The World with Persistent Optimism | Dr. Paul Zeitz

What if we were so optimistic, nothing ever felt like an obstacle, only an opportunity? As an unapologetic optimist, Dr. Paul Zeitz has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds to join forces with leaders around the world, tackling some of the greatest challenges facing humanity. A long-standing advocate for justice and human rights, including children’s rights, he has helped establish global programs to combat AIDS, TB, and Malaria.

From the US Constitution, to the climate crisis, to AIDs; our conversation with Paul is laced with optimism and radical, world-changing ideas. Affected by what he calls SIPO (self imposed persistent optimism), we glance back to how Paul became so positive and hopeful and why it’s become a lifelong habit of shifting his mindset.

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(4:07) Welcome and speed round questions.

(7:06) Should we rewrite the American constitution?

(11:17) Paul is affected by SIPO. What is it?

(15:14) Going from hating himself to loving himself.

(19:32) How can we transform our neuroplasticity?

(25:24) Love all, serve all.

(27:58) Four global initiatives Paul is involved in.

(29:52) How climate transformation is possible.

(36:49) Paul’s travel to 62 countries and how it’s influenced his musical taste.

(43:18) An optimistic Grooving session with Kurt and Tim.

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AIRDATE: June 6, 2022 EPISODE 299

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Changing The World with Persistent Optimism | Dr. Paul Zeitz