Thanks For No Memories During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Our inspiration this week comes from an article written by Shayla Love for Vice titled, “You’ll probably forget what it was like to live through a pandemic.” We thought it would make a great jumping-off point for how we will remember this time as well as a discussion on memory in general.

We explore how memories get shaped during historically significant times and how vividness and emotion play into those memories. But, as Shayla notes, we don’t remember things all that accurately.

She points out that our specific memory of this time, even with all it’s heightened emotions and significance, will become, as she says, “a blur.”

She goes on to say, “Those on the frontlines, like healthcare workers, will remember it differently. They’ll witness the toll on human life firsthand and emotions like grief, fear, and anxiety will heighten their memories….[but] For those whose lives remain unscathed, who have the privilege of waiting out the weeks without much daily variety, this stretched out “historical event” isn’t conducive to creating sharp, defined memories. Despite having conscious awareness of each moment now, a lot of it will slip away.”

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AIRDATE: April 29, 2020 EPISODE 141

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Thanks For No Memories During the Coronavirus Pandemic

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