Behavioral Science in the Workplace: Tips and Strategies | Becky Frayer

This week on Behavioral Grooves, things get personal – or at least professionally personal – as Kurt and Tim are joined by Becky Frayer, founder and CEO of Behavioral Fusion. Becky shares valuable tips and strategies for overcoming challenges in large organizations and explores the practical applications of behavioral science in the business world.

Throughout their discussion, Kurt, Tim, and Becky emphasize the importance of applying behavioral science practices in the workplace. They explain how storytelling and reassurance can be powerful tools for navigating corporate environments. Through personal anecdotes and real-world examples, the trio reveals how to overcome common work obstacles and integrate healthy behavioral science practices into your company’s everyday routine.

Whether you’re a skeptic or an embracer of behavioral science, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice on using behavioral science principles to drive business growth and improve decision-making. Tune in to hear about the fascinating journey of applying behavioral science in corporate America and gain new perspectives on consumer behavior and organizational dynamics.

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[2:42] Intro and speed round

[6:42] Consumer behavior and decision-making in the pharmaceutical industry

[13:30] Using behavioral science to understand consumer behavior

[17:56] Applying behavioral science in business

[27:51] Challenges and insights: applying behavioral science at work

[33:22] The importance of understanding human behavior

[37:54] Desert island music

[40:59] Grooving Session: Using behavioral science insights to drive business success

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