[GROOVING SESSION] Why Good, Honest Employees Really Do Steal With Kelly Paxton

Continuing our series on Marketing and Employee Engagement this month, we were joined by Kelly Paxton on our latest interview episode: Why Good, Honest Employees Really Do Steal? With Kelly Paxton (#240).

Tim and Kurt discuss their fantastic conversation with Kelly who has authored Embezzlement: How to Detect, Prevent, and Investigate Pink-Collar Crime and is also the podcast host of Great Women in Fraud: https://podcast.greatwomeninfraud.com/. Kelly investigates and researches low-level crimes such as book-keeping fraud; also known as Pink Collar Crime. We were interested in her insight that a hostile work environment and financial difficulties at home can lead “good” people to rationalize dishonest behavior.

We Discuss:

  • Rationalizing dishonesty.
  • Steps business leaders can take to avoid fraud.
  • How to convince business leaders that they are vulnerable to embezzlement.
  • Consider the environment you’re creating at work. It matters a great deal.
  • Reviewing your own business habits.

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AIRDATE: July 18, 2021 EPISODE 239

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[GROOVING SESSION] Why Good, Honest Employees Really Do Steal With Kelly Paxton

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Kelly Paxton