Why Resilience Is More Than Just Bouncing Back | Gabriella Rosen Kellerman MD

There are actually 5 drivers of resilience; optimism, self compassion, cognitive agility, self efficacy and emotional regulation. We dive deep into each of these components and how they play a part in being resilient, with our guest Gabriella Rosen Kellerman MD.

Gabriella is a medical doctor and behavioral science researcher with training in psychiatry and fMRI research. She currently works as Chief Product Officer at BetterUp – a company focused on employee wellbeing. But today’s episode is dedicated to talking about her latest venture – co-writing a new book with none other than the “the father of positive psychology” Martin SeligmanPhD.

Their book, Tomorrowmind: Thriving at Work with Resilience, Creativity, and Connection―Now and in an Uncertain Future is a hopeful look at how to flourish in an uncertain world. By capitalizing on a Tomorrowmind, we can utilize the universal psychological skills for thriving in an uncertain future: resilience and cognitive agility; mattering and purpose; rapid rapport for social support; prospection; and creativity and innovation (PRISM).

Optimism is a huge driver of resilience...even when I'm in a really inescapably bad situation, I can think about a positive outcome for it. ~ Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, episode 342 Click To Tweet

Join our insightful and thoughtful conversation with Gabriella to learn how we can adopt a tomorrowmind. And then stick around for our Grooving Session where Tim discusses the part of the interview that sent chills up his spine, and Kurt gets philosophical about what it means to be optimistic.

When we're in an optimistic frame of mind, that motivates us to take the steps we need to get out of a bad situation. ~ Gabriella Rosen Kellerman, episode 342 Click To Tweet



(3:24) Welcome and speed round questions.

(5:58) What is a Tomorrowmind?

(7:26) Why are creativity and prospection superpowers?

(10:05) The phases of prospective thinking.

(13:11) Why the right answer can be to ask a different question.

(15:45) What is positivity resonance and why does it matter?

(21:32) What are the consequences of time famine on connection?

(23:17) A story of resilience – Aggie Dunn of Heinz.

(26:55) What exactly does it mean to be resilient?

(29:31) How does self compassion play a part in resilience?

(31:53) The 5 building blocks of resilience.

(34:40) Writing a book with Martin Seligman.

(36:56) What music does Gabriella listen to at home?

(39:40) Grooving Session with Tim and Kurt on Tomorrowmind.


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AIRDATE: February 6, 2023 EPISODE 342

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Why Resilience Is More Than Just Bouncing Back | Gabriella Rosen Kellerman MD

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Gabriella Rosen Kellerman MD