Growth Tribes and Pirate Funnels – Bernardo Nunes

Bernardo Nunes, PhD believes that applying behavioral sciences to startups is the fastest way to get entrepreneurs up and running in a fast-changing world. At Growth Academy in Amsterdam, the students work in small teams over three months to build a company with the help of sophisticated machine learning tools as well as knowledgeable coaches and teachers.

In our conversation with Bernardo, we spoke at length about the ethics and regulations surrounding data privacy, how an article in The New York Times featuring David Laibson, PhD got Bernardo started down this path and how Frank Zappa’s 3-song “Hot Rats” album would be his go-to for desert island listening. We had an important discussion about the interplay between policy and marketing and how they influence each other.

There is some background noise occasionally but we don’t think it inhibits the quality of the interview. We hope you enjoy it.

Music: Theme song “Everywhere You Go” by Tim Houlihan and transitional music “Transfiguration” by Jon James. Used by permission.

AIRDATE: March 15, 2018 EPISODE 11

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Growth Tribes and Pirate Funnels – Bernardo Nunes

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Bernardo Nunes