How To Create New Goals That Will Really Motivate You in 2022

It’s the time of year for setting New Year’s resolutions. But how can you set goals that you will actually achieve? Will you look back at the end of 2022 and feel a sense of accomplishment? The first step to reaching your goals is actually knowing how to set yourself up to succeed.

In this fun Grooving Session with Kurt and Tim, they break down the steps needed to create motivating goals in 2022. Using insights from past guests, plus their own expertise in behavioral science, Kurt and Tim break down the skills behind successful goal setting. In addition, they dispel some ill-advised myths. Think willpower is enough to help you lose weight? Sorry, but creating healthy habits takes more than just good intentions.

If you want to better your health, your relationships or your organization in 2022, listening to this fun and informative episode will start you off on the path to success.


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AIRDATE: December 29, 2021 EPISODE 271

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How To Create New Goals That Will Really Motivate You in 2022

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Tim Houlihan and Kurt Nelson