Decoding Behavior Change | Bri Williams [Republish]

It’s time for a throwback episode!

Dive into the land down under of behavioral sciences with Bri Williams, a trailblazer in applying behavioral principles to the business landscape. As a devoted follower of visionaries like Dan Ariely, BJ Fogg, and Richard Thaler, Bri recognized the need for more than just frameworks in the business community – they needed practical tools. Founder of PeoplePatterns, Bri transforms the abstract concepts of behavioral science into actionable strategies for business leaders.

In this enlightening conversation, Bri unveils her unique model focused on dismantling barriers to behavior change: apathy, paralysis, and anxiety. Explore intriguing topics such as priming and Bri’s keen observations of nudges in the world. Delve into her book, “Behavioural Economics for Business,” and enjoy the journey as we explore various rabbit holes including… origami of toilet paper?

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(4:08) Introduction and Speed Round

(7:11) Developing a Behavioral Framework

(13:23) Business Model for Behavior Change

(18:50) Comparing other models

(25:15) Origami of Toilet Paper with Lou Carbone

(33:00) 3 Tips for improving habits

(39:10) Music recommendations

(41:56) Grooving Session

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AIRDATE: January 29, 2024 EPISODE 393

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Decoding Behavior Change | Bri Williams [Republish]

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