Finding Out What Your Customers Want and Why It Matters | Andrea Belk Olson

Customer feedback lacks two fundamental pieces of information: context and behavior. Traditional methods of insight, like the Net Promoter Score (NPS) and customer feedback surveys have their limitations. Andrea Belk Olson, our guest on this episode, challenges organizations to adopt a different customer approach to customer behavior by delving into the WHY and the WHAT, then coming up with a WOW hypothesis – a 3 step process called the 3W Ideation.

Author of the new book, What to Ask: How to Learn What Customers Need but Don’t Tell You Andrea Belk Olson is the CEO of applied behavioral science consulting firm Pragmadik, and head of the University of Iowa JPEC startup incubator. She delivers a unique, cognitive method for discovering hidden customer needs, converting them quickly into differentiators, and avoiding the pitfalls of traditional research.

By using behavioral insights in organizations, Andrea believes that companies can become more customer focused. And when everyone in an organization is customer focused, the whole strategic vision of the company realigns.

People model other people's behaviors and people will model leaders. ~ Andrea Belk Olson, Episode 304 Click To Tweet

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(3:11) Welcome and speed round questions.

(7:14) How can marketers understand customers’ needs?

(13:01) How to remove the disconnect between marketing and sales.

(16:42) The steps marketing can take to get closer to the customer.

(19:23) How behavioral science can help with adapting to change.

(26:07) The 3 W Ideation process: Why, What & WOW.

(30:04) The shortcomings of the Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

(32:44) What role does culture play?

(37:31) What Beethoven can teach us about behavior change.

(42:28) What music would Andrea take to a desert island?

(45:37) Grooving session with Kurt and Tim on What To Ask.

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AIRDATE: July 5, 2022 EPISODE 304

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Finding Out What Your Customers Want and Why It Matters | Andrea Belk Olson

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