How the Right Journal Can Help You Reach Your Goals in 2023

Want to start a journaling habit but are worried you won’t stay motivated? Having the right journal, that is designed using behavioral insights to keep you engaged, is the key.

In this unique Grooving Session, our very own Kurt Nelson takes the hot seat along with his Lantern Group business partner, Ben Granlund to talk about their highly anticipated new product – the Brain/Shift Journal. This new journal is seeped in behavioral insights that help you clearly define and then actually reach your goals.

Previous Behavioral Grooves guest, Katy Milkman, has highlighted that a distinct time in the calendar, like the New Year, is a great time for a fresh start when you can embrace a new habit. And journaling is a popular daily practice that is known to enhance your wellbeing and focus your energy on reaching your goals.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How the Brain/Shift journal came about.
  • Who the journal is for.
  • What you can expect to get out of using it.

Whether you are new to journaling, or you have tried before but couldn’t keep up the habit, the Brain/Shift journal can help you. It makes a perfect gift for yourself or someone you love at Christmas.