Ketamine Therapy: A New Frontier in Mental Health | Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo

Ketamine therapy has recently been a hot topic in the mental health industry, but what exactly is ketamine therapy? Who is it for, and what are the benefits/risks associated with it?

Dive into the forefront of mental health innovation with Kurt, Tim, and special guest Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo as they unpack the groundbreaking potential of ketamine therapy as a transformative treatment for depression and anxiety. Dr. Lombardo sheds light on the mechanisms behind ketamine therapy’s effectiveness, sharing promising research findings and cautionary notes on its administration under careful medical supervision. Dr. Lombardo goes through the nuances of ketamine therapy, and how to use it as part of a comprehensive mental health strategy rather than a quick-fix solution.

As always, the more you know, the better equipped you are to face life’s challenges. Beyond the cutting-edge realm of ketamine therapy, Kurt, Tim, and Dr. Lombardo look at practical coping strategies and evidence-based practices for enhancing mental well-being. From cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to the healing power of nature and gratitude, they share personal stories and insightful perspectives to empower listeners on their mental health journey. With a compassionate approach and a focus on holistic healing, this episode offers actionable insights and thought-provoking dialogue that promise to inspire and inform. 

Tune in for an engaging exploration of mental health and resilience that challenges conventional wisdom and fosters hope for a brighter future. Join the conversation and discover new ways to nurture your well-being, one step at a time.

Disclaimer: The discussion of ketamine in this episode of Behavioral Grooves is purely exploratory and should not be interpreted as medical advice or encouragement to use ketamine. Any consideration of ketamine therapy should be approached cautiously and only under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional.

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[0:00] A quick note from Kurt and Tim on ketamine therapy and depression

[5:38] Introduction and speed round

[7:00] Mental health treatment options and stigma

[12:04] Stress, anxiety, and new frontiers in therapy

[16:32] Mental health signs and seeking help

[21:17] Ketamine therapy for depression and anxiety

[31:21] Combining ketamine therapy with other mental health interventions

[37:05] Educating others on ketamine therapy

[40:17] Desert island music

[46:58] Mental illness, ketamine treatment, and self-care options

[49:28] Grooving session: Mental health treatments, coping strategies, and research

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