Ask the Right Question, Get the Best Answer | Jeff Wetzler

Could asking the right questions transform your conversations? That’s the question of the week for Kurt and Tim, as they delve into the power of inquiry and active listening with this week’s esteemed guest, author Jeff Wetzler. Jeff, the author of “Ask,” shares groundbreaking research and surprising insights about the impact of asking the right questions, offering listeners a roadmap to navigate the complexities of communication with wit and wisdom.

From the boardroom to the dinner table, effective communication skills are essential. Discover how active listening can not only boost productivity and increase employee satisfaction but also foster deeper, more meaningful relationships. Through thought-provoking discussions and real-world examples, Kurt, Tim, and Jeff challenge conventional wisdom to help listeners gain a deeper understanding of how to engage authentically in both their professional and personal lives.

Ready to level up your communication game? Tune in to this episode for actionable insights and inspiration. Whether you’re a seasoned leader or simply a curious listener, get ready to embark on a journey of compassionate curiosity and active listening. Join the conversation and let us know what questions you have about this episode or Behavioral Grooves! We’d love to hear from you.

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[5:40] Introduction and Speed Round

[11:22] The “Ask Approach” and the power of curiosity

[18:00] Effective listening and learning from others

[26:06] Creating a safe space for open communication

[34:43] Using curiosity to interrupt certainty and gain new perspectives

[43:35] Vibe listening and interpreting conversations

[48:51] Desert Island music

[53:51] Grooving session – the importance of asking questions, active listening, and micro-expressions

© 2024 Behavioral Grooves

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AIRDATE: April 29, 2024 EPISODE 412

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Ask the Right Question, Get the Best Answer | Jeff Wetzler


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